Meeting our Spotters in Oslo and Berlin

Spotted By Locals
December 16, 2010
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Last week we made a trip to Oslo and Berlin, and had a great time!

We visited 45 Spotted by Locals spots in 5 days (2 days in Oslo, 3 days in Berlin): quite a good score we think… But as always, the highlights and the main reason to come to Oslo and Berlin,  were the Spotters meetings!

In Oslo, we were warmed ourselves with coffee and tea in coffee bar Evita ( Some Oslo locals (not us!) chose to sit outside to drink their coffees in the snow by a temperature of minus 5….  a local habit we noticed outside of quite a few bars and coffee shops!

From left to right: Sanne, Kaja Marie, Elin and Andrea

In Berlin, where we spent the last couple of days, there was also a lot of snow. This time, we all fought the cold Berlin-style: with beers and Club-Mate in East-Berlin bar Madame Claude. See the top picture in this post (from left to right: Sarah, Sanne, Anouschka, Bart, Jill, Ciarán. Sitting: Herrmann).

We met Natalia at her exciting Asphalt Grün exhibition (you can still visit it!), which we visited together with Herrmann.

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