Meeting our Spotters in Rome & Milan

Last weekend, we returned from a very nice trip to “our” two Italian cities: Rome & Milan.

We had not visited Rome since our first roadtrip to 20 cities in 2008, because we had such loyal Spotters there. Recently some Rome Spotters moved from Rome since, so we were happy to have the opportunity to visit this amazing city again!

We were lucky to have 3 days of blue skies and sunshine and visited almost 40 of our Rome locals’ amazing favorite spots. Of course we also met our Spotters Annalaura, Franco and Eleonora.

After that we headed to Milan, where the weather was also great despite the forecast of 3 days of rain and thunderstorms…We met our Spotters Arianna, Audrey, Chiara and Elena for aperitivo in Cafe Victoria. We had a lot of fun!

On our Flickr account, you can find more pictures of our Rome trip, and our Milan trip.

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