Meeting Spotters in 5 cities

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June 20, 2017
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Geneva Spotters meeting

It has been a super busy 2017 with lots of “behind the scenes” projects (new website & apps, optimizing processes, a new editor…). Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do much of what we love most about our “jobs”: traveling to “our” cities to meet Spotters and experience their spots in real life.

Last week we had a chance to meet our Spotters in 5 cities (Venice, Florence, Turin, Milan & Geneva), and it was amazing! During trips like this we realize firsthand how wonderful it is to experience cities like a local by just skipping all the tourist highlights and trying to put yourself in a local’s shoes by just walking around from spot to spot with our app…

Turin Spotters meeting

Venice & Florence? Honestly, we didn’t like it so much when we visited these cities in 2014 – a year before the Venice city blogs had launched. So many tourists, so few authentic local spots it seemed… But the 2 days we spent in both Venice and Florence visiting our locals’ favorites last week gave us such a different experience. We walked around in areas where there were hardly any tourists, and had glasses of wine for Euro 0,80… Our concept is pretty awesome, and our Spotters even more so!

Venice Spotters meeting
Meeting Venice Spotter Annamaria
Florence Spotters meeting part 1
Florence Spotters meeting part 2 – drinking with the locals
Milan Spotters meeting
Meeting Venice Spotter Filippo & ex-Rome Spotter Ivan in Milan!

For more pics of our roadtrip (or rather: railtrip) check the #meetingspotters tag on Instagram.


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