Meeting our Spotters in Sofia

Recently most of our time has been spent doing lots of organizational stuff, finding Spotters for new cities & launching our new Android & iOS app. Unfortunately we haven’t had the time to do what we love most about our “job”: traveling to meet our Spotters!

The awesome Sofia Spotters team

Last weekend though we had a chance to meet our Spotters in Bulgaria’s lovely capital Sofia and check out many spots. Since we last visited (2011 already), Sofia has become a much “hipper” city than it was in 2011: craft beer shops & bars everywhere, cool design shops, 3rd wave coffee… But it still has this unique relaxed vibe and awesome mix of beautiful, abandoned and super modern architecture. Also, it’s still one of Europe’s greenest capitals. We love Sofia!

Besides meeting our Spotters we had another major reason for coming to Sofia: we were invited for a weekend organized by our Spotter Angelina, who’s unfortunately leaving Sofia and even Europe! Angelina has been a very active member of our community, and made many friends. Spotters from 10 different cities came to Sofia to join a wonderful weekend organized by her and fellow Spotter Boyko.

Drinking at the doorsteps of a craft beer shop – only in Sofia!

Lunch with Spotters from 10 cities!

It was a wonderful weekend – we’re already looking forward to our next trip!

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