Interview with Michal Brat (Bratislava Spotter)

Michal Brat, Bratislava

Michal Brat, Bratislava

Michal, or as his friends call him ‘Mišo’ (pronounced ‘Misho’, it has nothing to do with the Japanese soup Miso :-P) is one of our Spotters for our Bratislava City guide. In this interview we’re learning more about the man behind the recommendations!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I studied journalism and communications and after a few years in public relations and advertising I now work at a marketing department for a large Slovak bookstore. I love reading, playing football, partying with friends and learning foreign languages.

Why Bratislava? What should one see when visiting and what should one skip?
Bratislava is a ‘compact size’ metropolis :-). It is relatively small but still big enough to offer everything you would expect from a capital city. Bratislava is a perfect example of a city that has more than meet the eye. Many one-day tourists note that its historical center is nice but small. When I give a guided tour around the city for my friends from abroad, I pick my own routes and no one has ever said that there were not enough interesting things to see! :-)

So if you find yourself in Bratislava, make sure you check Spotted by Locals and explore more than just the caste hill and the Old Town!

What is the most popular neighborhood?
It depends on personal preferences of course, but the city quarter of Ružinov is among the most popular parts of Bratislava because it is green and family-friendly and not far from the city center.

Can you share your perfect day in Bratislava with us?
It depends on what a perfect day would be! The screenplay would be a bit different for a perfect date and for a perfect hang-out with my friends! :-). Still, it would like quite similar in the beginning: after a long sleep I would have breakfast and coffee somewhere in the city center, maybe at Saint Germain or Čokoládovňa pod Michalom. Then, I would do some exercise and grab lunch on the go. Roller-skating at Hrázda or playing football at Areál netradičných športov for the afternoon.

Afterwards I would meet my friends at a hockey match at Aréna Ondreja Nepelu and finish the day having a couple of beers and a dinner at Patron skypivovar. If i was meeting a girl instead of my friends, I would prefer a nice romantic walk along the river bank or at the Old Town and a glass of wine, maybe at Vydrica pub.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
They say that people in Slovakia all look so serious and do not smile a lot. This might be true, but don’t be scared off! As soon as you start a conversation you will find out that they are in fact very friendly and helpful. We only need to smile a bit more :-).

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