Milestone: 2 Spotters get married!

When we started Spotted by Locals in 2008 we hoped, but could not really imagine, our community would become as vibrant as it is now. Spotters meet each other frequently when they visit another city, organize cross-national meetings like a Christmas dinner or a marathon, and we had 2 magical Spotters weekends where about 100 Spotters from many cities met up.

Something we really did not imagine in 2008, was that Spotted by Locals could bring love. There are a couple of romances going on at the moment. And 2 weeks ago, Zagreb Spotters Milana & Krunoslav, who met each other during an interview about Spotted by Locals with the Croatian press, got married in The Philippines! So cool!

A quote from Milana from an email with some fantastic pictures and a summary of their love story: “We’re super grateful to SBL for bringing us together :)”

2016-2 Kruno & Milana 1

Lovely outfits too!

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