Moebling – a Brilliant Christoph Ziegler Project

The quiet surf (2015). By Loukia Richards

Moebling – The quiet surf (2015). By Loukia Richards

Visual artist Christoph Ziegler explores the relationship between human body and objects or, more precisely, between man and furniture in self-portraits and performances. Moebling is Ziegler’s self-invented anglicism of the German word Moebel (furniture).

We think it’s a brilliant idea, and very funny too. Ziegler offers a playful approach to “kinetic meditation” at home with sarcastic references to the wellness movement and the ever-expanding culture of self-optimization. Ziegler’s commandments are simple and self-explanatory: turn your sofa, your table, chairs, carpets or your vacuum cleaner into Moebling tools!

Moebling - The Traveler (2012) - Christoph Ziegler

Moebling – The Traveler (2012). By Loukia Richards

Moebling - Pink Lilly (2013) - Christoph Ziegler. By Loukia Richards

Moebling – Pink Lilly (2013). By Loukia Richards

Moebling - Miami Beach (2018) - Christoph Ziegler. By Christoph Ziegler

Moebling – Miami Beach (2018). By Christoph Ziegler

Moebling - Orfeas (2018) - Christoph Ziegler

Moebling – Orfeas (2018). By Loukia Richards

Moebling - Eiger Schrankwand (2013) - Christoph Ziegler

Moebling – Eiger Schrankwand (2013) – by Loukia Richards

Moebling - Studio Composition (2019) - Christoph Ziegler

Moebling – Studio Composition (2019) – by Christoph Ziegler

Now that home has become the very epicenter of life, it’s THE time for Moebling! Try it yourself some time and share your pics on social media with #moebling. You can do better than co-founder Bart below:

Moebling experiment Bart – by Sanne van Poll

You can find more about artist Christoph Ziegler on his website New moebling pics and other cool projects by artists Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards are also shared on Instagram: @loukiarichards. Ziegler also does workshops – contact him via

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