My internship at Spotted by Locals

Spotted By Locals
June 28, 2022
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Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’m currently wrapping up my 4-month internship at Spotted by Locals as a social media manager. During this internship, I have learned new things every day. Although I did the internship from home, I do have the feeling that Spotted by Locals welcomed me with open arms.

Doing an internship at Spotted by Locals offers you various tasks. During the internship, I occupied myself with marketing planning and social media posts on all three social media channels. I also write a weekly blog article that appears on the website. Furthermore, I have also become a Brussels spotter, and I’m regularly adding and visiting new spots. In addition to those tasks, I wrote articles about train journeys with stops in different cities. The first one went from Florence to Rome, the second one went through Spain, and the third one took you from Brussels to Rotterdam. These were my main tasks during the internship. Still, I also did many other things, such as adjusting the layout and photos on the website, updating older articles so that they remain up-to-date, and planning a bike route through the city of Ghent with spots along the way, sending out the monthly newsletter, etc.

What I found to be a real plus of the internship is that you also become a spotter in addition to the tasks of social media manager. This provides a nice variation and makes you feel ‘part of a community. Becoming a Spotter is something I would recommend to every Tourism and Recreation Management student, whether you choose this internship or not! Click here to check out my favourite spots!

Jardin des Sculptures – one of my first spots (by Charlotte Mewis)

I graduate in about a month and I really feel that this internship with Spotted by Locals has been an important experience before I step foot into professional life. Although it is still very exciting to graduate and to throw myself into the working field, I feel more ready for it now. I would definitely recommend this internship if you are interested in copywriting and social media management. I have learned a lot in these areas through this internship. I’m very thankful to both my school (Erasmushighschool Brussels) and Spotted by Locals for this opportunity!


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