Our North America trip: City 9 – New York!

2015-06 New York

We were very lucky to have found a nice and affordable apartment*, and stay in New York for 7 nights! This time, we were determined to at least visit a few spots in each of NYC’s boroughs.

We did our best but again we did not succeed – this city is too big! We’ll have to come back to visit Queens and The Bronx, where our Spotters have written about some very cool off the beaten track spots…

Milena, Craig, Marina & Jon!

Milena, Craig, Marina & Jon!

It’s impossible to bring 7 busy New Yorkers together on one night… We were lucky though this meant we had the luxury of meeting our Spotters in 4 separate meetings!

We met Craig, Jon, Marina and Milena in the fabulous Bryant Park for “bring (and hide) your own” beers & apple cider. Spotter meetings are not always only fun. Our loyal Spotter and friend Marina was so brave to tell us some bad news about her health (read more about how you can help).

2015-06 Spotters meeting New York 2

Tomek (former Amsterdam Spotter!), Sanne & Nick

2015-06 Spotters meeting New York 4

Sanne & Katya

We met Fawn (unfortunately forgot to take a picture!), Nick and Katya in separate meetings. So nice to spend some 1 on 1 time getting to know them better!

A few of the many spots recommended by our locals that we visited:

  • Sunshine 27 – Enormous dim sum hall frequented practically only by NYC’s Chinese descendants
  • Cafe Grumpy – Excellent place to read the NYT and have a coffee in Chelsea
  • Columbus Park – Lively park where the Chinese New Yorkers can breathe
  • Eisenberg’s – The only remaining authentic diner on 5th avenue. Fantastic tuna melt!
  • Fette Sau – Amazing organic barbecue meats in trendy Williamsburg
  • Radegast Hall – Warehouse converted into beautiful beer hall with an impressive assortment of German and Belgian beers
  • Rooftop Film Festival – Cool festival with mostly free movies. Go if you’re coming to NYC in coming weeks!
  • Roosevelt Island Tram – A flying tram over the Hudson!
  • The Pyramid Club – We visited open mic hip hop night, highly recommended!
  • Sample Sales – The side streets of the garment district offer fantastic secret deals!
Street art in the Village

Street art in the Village

Sunshine Chinatown

Sunshine 27 Chinatown

Yoga in Bryant Park

Yoga in Bryant Park

Rooftop Film Festival

Rooftop Film Festival

Red Rooster Sunday Brunch with live Harlem soul music

Red Rooster Sunday Brunch with live Harlem soul music

Thank you so much Spotters for the wonderful spots you’ve recommended to us on Spotted by Locals New York. You’re really making many visitors to NYC happy to experience the city like a local!

*) The only apartment not sponsored by Roomorama on our 11 cities North America trip!

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