Expanding to 11 new cities – become a Spotter!

My fellow San Francisco Spotter Luc and me in Rome

My fellow San Francisco Spotter Luc Sokolsky and me in Rome

Great News! Spotted by Locals is expanding to Austin, Florence, Lyon, Marseille, Miami, New Orleans, Portland, Reykjavik, Tirana, Turin & Venice!

We’re looking for city loving locals in who would like to share their passion as a blogger (“Spotter”)!

Why become a Spotter?

My name is Ivan Marra and I’ve been a Rome Spotter since 2012. I love being a Spotter for many reasons.

Most importantly, because I’m happy to help people who visit the city I love, really understand it beyond the tourist attractions. Visiting highlights is totally ok (I mean when in Rome you have to see the Colosseum!) but there’s more to travel than that! The real essence of travel to me is getting to know a different culture: new dishes, discovering local brands…  I love helping people to experience Rome like a local.

I also love being a Spotter because I became part of an amazing community of more than 350 people that I proudly call friends now. Here in this video made during the Spotters Weekend in Amsterdam last November. See and hear other Spotters explain why being a Spotter is simply great!

So what does a Spotter do?

Said that, now what is a Spotter? Simple: a Spotter is a person who loves his/her city and wants to share the hidden local gems with the world in the form of short articles and a picture.

Are you interested? Or know anybody who could be? Please apply here

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