Pushing the Boundaries of Sushi: Pizza, Burritos and More!

Image by YUI Sushi Burrito

It has been nearly a decade since sushi started its rise from niche to normal. These days it’s everywhere, in every city and at every price range. It has become so normal, many of us enjoy it regularly! But let’s be honest, those simple tuna rolls and salmon sashimi just aren’t that exciting anymore…

So, how far can sushi go? Are there boundaries you can’t cross or is the sky the limit? We found five spots around the world found by our Spotters that decided to do just that. These chefs decided to experiment and let’s just say that some of the results are quite crazy!

Sushi tacos at Hamasaku

Image by Hamasaku

Hamasaku creates a perfect fusion between Japanese flavors and Mexican/Californian influences. You will find well-made sushi and surprise elements like sriracha, guacamole, and serrano! Tip: try the Charlize taco, which contains spicy tuna combined with guacamole and creamy wasabi, served in a fried wonton skin shell.

YUI sushi burrito

Image by YUI sushi burrito

YUI sushi burrito offers exactly what you’d expect, a fusion of sushi and burrito! They really strive to give you fresh and delicious products to enjoy right in the city center. Try a nori-wrapped burrito while sipping on an authentic Japanese melon soda or matcha tea without sugar.

Cream cheese sushi at Sushi Ninja

Image by Sushi Ninja

Sushi Ninja has some unique creations of their own, all of them with a comedic name such as Godzilla and Alaska Spring. Think ingredients like cream cheese, paprika, guacamole, and onion sprouts, or how about a deep fried sushi?  Behind the menu is a young and creative team that is not afraid to try new things. If you don’t feel like going out try their delivery service!

Sushi pizzas at Tri Express

Image via Tri Express

Tri Express can be a unique experience if you dare try the creations of the man behind the restaurants, Mr. Tri Du! He adds a lot of funk to his creations, much to the chagrin of some and joy of others. Try the sushi pizza or his signature À-la-Tri, which kind of fish paste mixed with tempura, caviar, finely chopped chives, and the famous secret sauce!

Shi-Shi Talk & Roll, more burritos!

Image by Shi-Shi Talk & Roll

Shi-Shi Talk & Roll has transformed sushi into street food. Like YUI in Tallinn, they serve sushi rolls that look like burritos, except the roll is made entirely of rice! They have fish, chicken, and vegetable fillings. You can try the Shi-Shi Moo, filled with a host of cool ingredients such as thin slices of beef sung in Indian chutney, roasted peppers, and fried onions!


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