Oktoberfest alternatives and a Hang-over Cure

“For those of you who want to avoid the trouble, there are a few alternatives  in Munich that you can enjoy”

During weekends, Oktoberfest is packed full of people; all tents are closed, even most of the beer gardens. That’s not fun at all and a bad first-time Oktoberfest experience.

Because of that, I recommend that you come during the weekdays, Monday to Wednesday or on Sunday. In my experience, most tents will be open, and you will have easier access.

But for those who want to avoid this trouble, there are also a few alternative events in Munich. Here are some recommendations and alternatives:

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Oktoberfest Alternatives

Parallel to Oktoberfest, the “Wirtshaus Wiesn”  is taking place.  Bavarian restaurant owners offer an Oktoberfest experience in their locations with traditional brass music, Oktoberfest beer, and Bavarian food.

Image by Engin Akyurt

Best beer and food places

  • Sodala Beverages, If you want to know what Munich tastes like, visit Sodala, a small kiosk with craft beers and lemonades, handmade liquors and homemade snacks from Munich and its surroundings.
  • Wuid, Take a walk on the Wuid side. It combines Bavarian tradition with modern simplicity.
  • Paulaner Brauhaus at Kapuzinerplatz is one of my favourite bavarian restaurants; it has a traditional but modern interior, self-brewed beer and good food.
  • Frisches Bier is my favourite beer bar with my favourite beer, called Tilmans “Das Helle” (translates to dry hopped lager)
  • True Brew offers a craft beer bar with several own brewed beers, a nice interior and pins
  • Rotibrass has the best chicken, a great interior, and a big beer variety
  • Drei Mühlen serves two Weißwurst and a Pretzel for 1.95 €. You will not find a cheaper offer anywhere (on the planet).

Image by Trinity Kubassek

Bars and Clubs after Oktoberfest

  • Bar Centrale – Munich is famous for beer, Bavarian Food, Oktoberfest, beautiful architecture, and traditional clothes, and is known as Italy’s northernmost city. And the Bar Centrale proves that this is right.
  • Südstadt is an Alternative queer punk bar, very vegan friendly.
  • Geyerwally old bar, young owner. Offers classic and craft beers.
  • Rennsalon, my living room, when I want to meet new friends. DJs on weekends.
  • Substanz is a short distance to dance. Have a beer and snacks.
  • Paradiso; no explanation is needed; you have to experience it yourself to know.

Image by Stefan Hermansdorfer

Oktoberfest Hangover Food

  • Sendlinger Tor (U3/U6) – Greatest spot to find proper food after Oktoberfest (Pizza and Döner).
  • Manouche is the perfect street food and a healthy alternative for those, who are fed up with Leberkässemmel or Döner.
  • Bazi’s – Bavarian street food. “Bayrito“ – Pork Roast Wrap.
  • Bergwolf – heaven for “Currywurst lovers”.
  • Johannis Café is one of the oldest bars in Munich. Have some sausages.
  • Ratchada  Thai Food and Karaoke, what else!



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