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December 18, 2020
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Elsewhere is an online journal exploring the concept of place in all of its forms, through written and visual art. The website has several categories, featuring art, interviews, books, music and films, and others. Each article delves into a writer’s relationship with a place, so the website ends up becoming a journal of experiences and feelings as well. We also love the site’s banners for each page, making a connection between the digital and analog world. The images come from the covers of the 5 beautiful printed copies that Elsewhere published between 2015 and 2017.

One of the 5 people on Elsewhere’s editorial team is our Cologne Spotter Marcel Kruegel. He invited us to an online discussion with some of the authors last week about “unreachable” places that are an important part of the authors’ memory and identity. During the event, they were digging a bit deeper into how this all started and their connection to those places.

The idea for this topic was born during the first lockdown. Originally, it was about places they couldn’t travel to because of the Coronavirus restrictions. Later though, this concept expanded to a broader idea of “unreachable”. Eventually, the writers explained how this challenging topic allowed them to slow down, think about their past, about what they saw already. It was really nice to hear the writers talk about their work. Here’s the full video of the event:

We recommend you take some time to browse Elsewhere’s website and explore the vast selection of topics they address. It’s a gem for curious travelers seeking inspiration and food for thought, and to start dreaming of travel again…

This Sunday, Marcel will share what he learned at Elsewhere Magazine (and elsewhere…) in an online session exclusively Spotters only about “place writing”. Are you a Spotter? Learn more here! Not a Spotter yet? Join us 🙂


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