Our Europe trip – City 4: Oslo!

Ingens Gate Oslo

Last week, we started a 2 month Interrail train trip to meet Spotters in 26 cities in Europe. The 4th city we visited (after Hamburg, Copenhagen & Stockholm): Oslo!

We’ve been to Oslo twice before to meet our Spotters, both in November (2010 and 2013). With our frozen limbs still fresh in mind we bought a 24 hour public transport card (NOK 90). This time we only took a tram once. This city was made for walking, and that’s what we did…

2015-04-15 19.53.09

Oslo waterfall

One of the things that makes Oslo unique, is its many parks and beautiful nature within the city borders. Do you know another city with a waterfall within the city borders? (yes, Munich… but it’s way less impressive!)

2015-04-15 20.26.30

Sushi at House of Sushi Oslo

Sushi is reasonably priced in fish city Oslo, and our Spotters wrote about great Oslo sushi spots. We opted for the most affordable one: House of Sushi. Great freshly made sushi & sashimi, served at exactly the right temperature (very important!).

Craft beers at Crow Bryggeri

Great craft beers at Crow Bryggeri Oslo

Oslo has experienced a real craft beer (and coffee!) revolution since we last visited in 2013. Our Spotters Glenn (who calls himself a beer nerd) & Emily are connoisseurs, and have some great recommendations. Our favorite was Crow Bryggeri (aka Crow bar) with an impressive 21 beers on tap, most brewed in-house!

2015-04-15 22.17.01

Enjoying the Oslo sun

On Tuesday night we met our Spotters (or 3 of them – unfortunately Glenn & Elin were both traveling). It was a fun night, starting out at a bar in the Vulkan area and ending with a series of free concert at the cool Blå.

2015-04-15 23.02.13

Oslo Spotters meeting: Lene & Emily

2015-04-15 23.02.05

Oslo Spotters meeting: Sanne & Andrea

Although we saw a lot 36 hours didn’t do Oslo justice. We hope to be back soon to this lovely city, and explore some more of the beautiful nature a bit further from the city center.

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