Our 33rd cityblog – Bucharest by locals!

Spotted By Locals
December 29, 2010
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Image by Panoramas

We just launched our 3rd cityguide this week: Bucharest by locals! Our Bucharest Spotters Alex, Alina, Matilda and Raluca have written about their favorite spots in their fascinating hometown.

Bucharest, which was known as “Little Paris of the East” between the world wars, is definitely not little anymore… it is home to more than 2 million people, which is more than cities like Budapest, Warsaw,Vienna and Barcelona! It also seems to have more spots that are open 24/7 than any other city in Europe, and a fantastic nightlife scene.  It’s about time you visit this bustling city!

Yes, it’s cold now, but it looks lovely! Alina took this picture of one of her favorite spots – the Bucharest Botanical garden just a few days ago:

Some other local Bucharest favorites:

  • Mystic Tree, where Spotter Alex Olteanu gets his high quality Romanian garlic soup for under 2 euro
  • Absinthere Sixtina, the cocktail & rock music place Matilda meets her friends at for a drink
  • Chiajna Church – and off the beaten track ruin that is said to be haunted… Raluca hasn’t encountered the ghosts yet though!

The Bucharest cityblog is our 33rd cityblog. It’s our 10th and last this year. In 2011, we will continue to add many more European cities to our network of blogs, downloadable cityguides and iPhone applications.


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