12 Local Spa and Sauna Experiences in Europe

Our Spotters do enjoy to recharge their batteries from time to time and to pay a visit to the local spa or sauna. The wellness places our Spotters found come in a variety of shapes. From a public little cabin in Helsinki to an open-air hot whirlpool alongst the shore of Lake Zurich to an antique spa in Budapest.

Whatever your personal taste, you’ll find a perfect spot amongst our selection of 12 local spas and saunas. Literally sit back and enjoy!

1. Liquidrom – Berlin

Liquidrom Berlin

Liquidrom (by Liquidrom Berlin)

Looking for the best possible spa combo? Liquidrom offers you the very best. Their main attraction is the huge floating room. Basically, it’s a pool filled with tons of salt, creating something like a Dead Sea effect. Next-level relaxation.

2. Le Riad – Brussels

Le Riad Brussels

Le Riad (by Le Riad)

There is no better pleasure than feeling your skin, muscles and your whole body getting softer and softer after 2 hours in Le Riad. The hammam is like an oasis in the chaotic city, a spot to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries.

3. Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre – Bratislava

Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre Bratislava

Hotel Nivy Wellness Centre (by Eva Lelkesova)

Hotel Nivy offers no less than 5 different saunas. It’s a spot dearly loved by locals right in the center of the most liveable part of Bratislava. Its location next to the lake makes it the perfect pre- or post-lake activity, all year long.

4. Veli Bej – Budapest

Veli Bej Budapest

Veli Bej (by Irgalmasok Veli Bej Fürdője)

Veli Bej  was originally built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. Nowadays, it’s probably the most modern spa in Budapest. Traditional experiences get combined with more innovative treatments. Contrary to the other spas ones in town, chances are that you’ll have the entire place pretty much to you alone. Need any more convincing?

5. Dandár fürdő – Budapest

Dandár Fürdő Budapest

Dandár Fürdő (by Dandár Gyógyfürdő)

Looking for something a bit more traditional but still local? Our Budapest Spotter Hélène Bienvenu recommends you to visit Dandár Fürdő. It used to be a public bath for the poor, but today it’s mainly visited for medical reasons as the water is of top-notch quality. Relaxing and healthy, that’s what you want.

6. Holthusenbad – Hamburg

Holthusenbad Hamburg

Holthusenbad (by Bäderland)

Who needs Budapest when you live in Hamburg? Holthusenbad is mainly a swimming pool, but they also provide a sauna. Do watch out though: no clothes allowed! It’s a bit more expensive but – according to our local – totally worth the price.

7. Sompasauna – Helsinki

Sompasauna Helsinki

Sompasauna (by Joha)

Want to go really really really local? Sompasauna in Helsinki is the place-to-be. It’s by far the most public sauna in town, free, and maintained by a group of volunteers. You go there at your own risk so be careful and don’t just go on your own. Also, be respectful towards other people and leave the place as tidy as you found it. Pack your picnic and enjoy!

8. QC Terme Milano – Milan

QC Terme Milano Milan

QC Terme Milano (by Katharina Ziche)

Milan is not just a city with plenty of shops and good food. After a day of strolling around, you need some relaxation and that’s where QC Terme Milano comes in handy. They have a huge indoors and outdoors area and organize events like ‘aperitivo’ at the spa. Set in a historic setting, this is the perfect hidden gem in Milan.

9. Amalienbad – Vienna

Amalienbad Vienna

Amalienbad (by Wien.at)

The Viennese do like their regular naked dip. Amalienbad is a truly authentic experience in Vienna, looking a bit like a fortress from the outside but magnificent on the inside. Not feeling very comfortable all-nude? Amalienbad organizes special all-male or all-female events, making things maybe a bit easier on you.

 10. Sauna Utoquai – Zurich

Sauna Utoquai Zurich

Sauna Utoquai (by Miltiadis Sarakinos)

Sauna Utoquai is our local Miltiadis Sarakinos’ favorite place to be: “Outdoor relaxation can take several forms: sunbathing during a nice sunny afternoon or gazing at the sunset or the moonlight from the comfort of the 37 degrees of the hot tub.”

11. Aire de Barcelona – Barcelona

Aire de Barcelona Spa

Aire de Barcelona (by Aire Ancient Baths)

Barcelona may generally be hot, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some spa time. Whether you’re looking for a massage, a steam bath, or some bubbles – Aire de Barcelona has what you’re looking for. They don’t want the place to get over-crowded, so make sure to reserve a spot before going over!

12. Wellness 1926 – Amsterdam

Wellness 1926 Spa Amsterdam

Wellness 1926 (by Wellness 1926)

It can get pretty cold in The Netherlands. What better way to conquer the cold than to spend some time at the spa? Wellness 1926 is located in an old school building in the East. They organize weekly ‘all-women’ and ‘swimwear’-days, which means it’s totally up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with.

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