Our last Spotters Weekend was 3 years ago already…


Spotters Weekend Athens 2016

3 years ago exactly today, we had the last day of our 4th bi-yearly Spotters weekend with 95 Spotters from 49 different cities. For obvious reasons, the 2020 version (that we nearly fully organized already) was canceled.

We so hope that we can will be able organize our 5th weekend in 2022 or 2023. In the meantime, we’ll share some pictures of magnificent moments & quotes by Spotters from weekends in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018

Warm-up in 2018 (by Dmitri Korobtsov)

Tiago (Porto): “Once again, an amazing week(end) with some of my favourite people in the world! Reading news and watching the new waves of intolerance that are intoxicating our societies, it makes me smile and feel hopeful that maybe, just maybe some people can make a real difference in the world. Don’t let all this love we share amongst ourselves be left on the weekend: let’s try and franchise it, practice kindness every minute of your life and share your drive and happiness with those who might need it. […] Back in my office, I’m once again trapped in that famous happiness hangover, that only great love affairs bring to our heart.”

Camp fire 2018 (by Dmitri Korobtsov)

Scott (Glasgow): “Once again I was blown away on a Spotters weekend! So many wonderful smiles, laughs, hugs, cheer, food, drink and dancing!! I feel privileged to of been welcomed into this community and I am addicted to its warmth. You are all truly beautiful!!❤️”

Group picture Weekend 2018

Dieter (Ghent): “Even for a newbie this #spottersweekend2018 felt like coming home. I arrived in freezing Dutch temperatures but left with heartwarming international feelings. Thanks Sanne and Bart for colouring the world with your charming enthusiasm, creative spirit and unconditional belief in every single one of us. Thanks to all Spotters for becoming family. Love y’all ❤”

Athens 2016

Meghan Phillipp, who came all the way from Chicago to Amsterdam (!): “Words and photos can’t really capture the magic that happened at the Spotters weekend, but the photos I see posted are all a small reminder of what an incredible experience it was.”

Rome, Zurich, Vilnius, Ljubljana & Brussels Spotters in 2018 (by Andras Barta)

Barcelona, Hamburg & Rome Spotters in 2018 (by Andras Barta)

Stu Anderson, from Edinburgh: “Thank you for organising such a lovely weekend.  I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see all of my old friends from 2012 as well as making friends with newer spotters.  I would count some of the people I know through Spotted by Locals to be some of the most interesting people I have ever met”

(Part of) the “dirtbags” – a special self-titled group all from different cities

Glenn Wells, Oslo Spotter: “Until Friday I wondered what the Spotter network was. Now I am in complete wonder over finding myself in an absolutely fantastic network of creative, talented, open-minded, interesting, intelligent people. This weekend was a life-changing, inspiring event for me. And I want more!”

Dancing the night away in Athens (2018)

Cologne Spotter Marcel Krueger, who also wrote a very nice article about the Spotters weekend: “I’m sitting here endlessly tired, adding new friends on Facebook and looking at the photos they took all the while again convinced that I was part of something tangibly good and positive.”

On the boats – our “hostel” in Amsterdam 2012 & 2014

Breakfast on the boats – Amsterdam 2014

Rotterdam Spotter Cynthia Uribe: “I am lucky enough to be part of a dream by two wonderful people: Sanne and Bart. They have given us many things, among those, the possibility to meet a hundred other natural travellers in beautiful and unusually sunny Amsterdam. I wish I had taken more pictures… but I was way too busy sharing, laughing and living. Long live Spotted by Locals!”

Graffiti art tour Athens 2016

Co-founder Bart welcoming everybody – Amsterdam 2012

Julie Gauthier, from Montreal (!): “All the good and sweet words I wanted to share with you guys have all been said already… cuz’ you are such an amazing group. I feel lucky to be part of it. Of course, the weekend has passed way too fast… I wish we could do it again soon! Until then, I hope to see some of you in Montreal.”

And here’s a video that Djordje (Belgrade) shot that gives an excellent impression of the 2018 weekend!


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