Our trip to Toronto!


Spotters meeting – Rachel, Sarah, Sanne, Thomas, Christina

Sanne and I visited the biggest city of Canada (6 million inhabitants!), the last few days, and we had a blast!

From the tips we’d already read on the blog, and the very enthusiastic stories of our Toronto Spotters, we couldn’t wait to check out Toronto ourselves for the first time.

We loved the multi-cultural character of Toronto. Amazing fact 1: 50% of its inhabitants is not from Canada! This creates a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, and of course an amazing amount of different cuisines to choose from! Just yesterday and today I think we had Vietnamese, El Salvadorian and Mexican food, and drinks from Canada, Austria, China and Germany. Another amazing fact: Toronto has not one, but five Chinatowns!

Sidewalk bar Toronto

Sidewalk bar Toronto

Our Spotters meeting at the very hidden speak-easy bar Cold Tea was a lot of fun! We saw racoons in the garden (Toronto is supposedly the racoon capital of the world. “They were here first…”)


Spotters meeting – Bart, Sarah, Rachel

Spotters meeting

Meeting Christina for a coffee

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Our trip to North America was powered by national Dutch airline KLM (read more about it here!)

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