Our locals’ favourites in Munich: A Guide for the curious savvy traveller!

In collaboration with Eurail/Interrail, we’re thrilled to provide a rail itinerary to lesser-known spots and attractions as we arrive in the picturesque city of Munich, Germany. Our Spotters have curated a selection of hidden treasures that expose the city’s genuine allure and edgy vibe. There’s no fixed sequence, so you’re free to combine these locations to craft your own memorable journey!

Start your Munich journey at GötterSpeise, a vibrant chocolate wonderland. Next, explore the scenic Harlaching Way on a bike, stopping for an authentic German snack at Bergwolf. Immerse yourself in timeless art at the Lenbachhaus Gallery, and wind down at Zum Flaucher, a Bavarian Biergarten offering traditional charm. Embrace Munich’s diverse offerings, be it divine food, rich culture, or outdoor adventures.

The next day, as you get ready for your upcoming journey with your Eurail/Interrail Pass, look forward to Zagreb, Croatia. Hop on a train at Munich’s central station, allowing the tracks to guide you towards the dynamic Croatian capital. Discover fresh vistas, sounds, and tastes as you proceed to thread your path through the intricate fabric of Europe!

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An Enchanting Morning: Unveiling the Magic of GötterSpeise, Munich’s Chocolate Wonderland

Begin your day in the heart of Munich with an aromatic cup of coffee at GötterSpeise, a chocolaterie that’s so much more than a café. As our local spotter, Chloe, suggests, it’s like Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here, the word GötterSpeise translates to ‘food of the Gods’, but in German, it can also describe jelly. Chloe loves the playfulness of the place, the enticing explosion of colours, and the irresistible chocolates​.

Cycling the Scenic Harlaching Way: From Breathtaking Views to Authentic German Snacks

Once you’re energised, hop on a bike and head east for a breezy ride along the Harlaching Way, a hidden gem recommended by our spotter, Chloe. Starting from a picturesque area known as “little Venice”, you’ll find a bike path that heads south, offering breathtaking views of the city. Make sure to take a picnic break or simply soak in the views. 

After your ride, you might be feeling a bit peckish. Head over to Bergwolf for the ultimate German snack – currywurst and fries. Bergwolf’s menu is simple, clean, and even includes options for vegetarians. Chloe loves the grungy, hidden vibe of the place, and the fries and currywurst pair perfectly with a beer​.

Immersing in Timeless Art: A Visit to the Lenbachhaus Gallery

From there, it’s time to soak up some culture at the Lenbachhaus Gallery, housed in the former residence of artist Franz Lenbach. It’s a unique space that hosts a large collection of works from the Munich Art movement, ‘Der Blaue Reiter’ (The Blue Rider). Chloe appreciates the timeless representation of the period and believes that the gallery makes the movement feel alive​.

Zum Flaucher: An Oasis of Traditional Bavarian Charm and Relaxation

As the day winds down, head to Zum Flaucher, a classic Bavarian Biergarten suggested by our local Spotter, Chloe. There’s something for everyone – music, traditional foods, shade, sunshine, and a relaxing atmosphere away from traffic. Enjoy an early dinner and perhaps a game of cards with friends, or simply enjoy the surroundings. Chloe loves the pleasant simplicity of the Biergarten experience here​.

Overall, it’s clear that Munich has a lot to offer, from its divine coffee and delectable snacks to its rich culture and exciting activities. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find something to love in this city. Enjoy Munich the local way!

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