Our plans for 2009

2008 has been a great year for Spotted by Locals! We launched the 20 cityblogs we planned, published more than 1500 articles and won a major internet award!

2009 will have to become the year of our big breakthrough in the niche-market of frequent travelers who like to experience cities in a different way.

Some of the things we have in store for early 2009:

  • A special interface for mobile users. Much faster, much easier for mobile users!
  • A new design for the “main website”: www.SpottedbyLocals.com
    Fresher, less “Corporate”, and more about Spotters and spots!
  • A separate corporate website with company news and company info for advertisers, press and others
  • A (partly) user generated advertising campaign

We’re quite excited about our own plans! Do you have any suggestions yourself? Please let us know!

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