Our trip to Manchester & Sofia

Last week, we traveled to Manchester and Sofia to meet our Spotters, and visit as many as possible Spotted by Locals spots as we could. It was a great trip!

Unfortunately we did not get to enjoy Manchester as long as Sofia because of flight schedules, but we used our time well. Our hotel was right in the center of Manchester, so we got to see more than 50% of all spots in just 2 days!

Highlight of course was our meeting with the Manchester Spotters at Sandbar! From left to right: me, Anna Maus, Jo Nightingale and Paul Coleman.  It was a great surprise that our Belgrade Spotter Viktor, who was in Manchester, could join us too!

In Sofia we had 5 days – and quite a bit of time to see the city’s great sights and sample its excellent food and drinks, in between work. The only category we did not try was the outside bars – most days the rain was pooring down and it was quite cold. The bartenders and many real Sofia locals did not care though – I’ve never seen so many outside bars in a city in autumn! Check Sanne hiding under the umbrella in one of the outdoor bars in the picture above.

One of the many great surprises was a walk through Tsar Shishman street, with creative shops and very cool graffiti (pictured above).

Above: the view from Pri Orlite rooftop bar / restaurant. The view is as interesting as the old-fashioned style interior!

We met our Sofia Spotters twice (Denica even three times, because she led us around Sofia with Free Sofia Tour), and had a wonderful time talking about the city, traveling and much more!

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