Our trip to Tirana to meet our Spotters

We are proud to not just focus on cities that are popular tourist destination. We love to help promote cities that can use some extra attention from travelers and money from tourists. Tirana is one of those cities.

A few weeks ago, we visited Tirana to meet our Spotters. We had an amazing time! To be honest, we did not know Tirana would be so beautifully located near the mountains. Its setting reminded us very much of Geneva, and not only because its lake has a big “jet d’eau” (fountain) too. And it has plenty of green!

We absolutely loved the diversity of buildings – from low rise to high rise and from very old to modern. The kind of chaos we really personally love. The food was absolutely great and the people very friendly and helpful.

Spotters meeting Tirana

Our highlight of the visit of course was our meeting with our 4 Tirana lady Spotters (know a guy who might be interested? Please send him to www.spottedbylocals.com/tirana/spotter/)

Tirana deserves more flight & transport connections and attention. But for now, it’s a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered by you!

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