10 Perfect Outdoor Swimming Spots in Europe

Some cities tend to get unbearably hot during summer. Is there really any better way to cool yourself down, than by a dip in the water? Here are 10 great spots in Europe selected by our locals, with beautiful outdoor swimming spots which we just can’t wait to pay a visit.

This is no race, we equally love all of these spots so we put them in alphabetical order… Ready, set, jump! But don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen.

Stadionbad – Cologne

Stadionbad Cologne (by Julia Krakau)

Stadionbad is part of a vast sports grounds, planned and realized in the 1920s by the landscape architect Fritz Encke, to whom Cologne owes almost all its municipal parks. Already as a child I was overwhelmed by the extensive axial structure with the several swimming pools, a diving platform and the concrete spectator stands — Julia Krakau

Nordhavn Basin – Copenhagen

Nordhavn Basin Copenhagen (by Sigrid Charlotte Sturlason)

Nordhavn Basin is where Copenhagen locals go for a dip in summer. It’s one of the newer spots, in a very cool new area of town , where a lot of cool new buildings are sprouting everywhere. It’s very popular with locals, but there is less boat traffic in this basin than in the more popular swimming areas around the inner harbor.

The Forty Foot – Dublin

The Forty Foot Dublin swimming

The Forty Foot (by Maria Krupskaya)

Our Dublin local Maria says that having a swim at The Forty Foot is truly an authentic Dublin experience! It is not forty foot deep and there are underwater rocks, so diving is a very bad idea. Note for the winter: this is not only a summer place. There actually is an annual Christmas morning swim with hot whiskey on offer for those courageous enough to take a dip! Do you dare take the plunge?

Seurasaari – Helsinki

Seurasaari Helsinki beach

Seurasaari (by Kathrin Deter)

We all know that part of Helsinki’s charm is its connection with nature. That’s why during the summer you should think about going to Seurasaari. On this island in the archipelago, hang around the small beaches and enjoy the nature of the Finnish Capital!

The Rohne River – Geneva

Rohne Geneva swimming (by Juliette Bourquin)

A few years now the inhabitants of Geneva have been (finally 😉 ) rediscovering the Rhône River to swim in. That makes the bank of the Sentiers des Saules one of the most alive and hip places in Geneva in the summertime! A lot of fun between city and nature! — Juliette Bourquin

Teufelssee – Berlin

Teufelssee Berlin (by antenna)

Our local Adam has several go-to lakes for swimming, but Teufelssee, located in the heart of Grunewald, is his favorite one to visit on a really hot day. It’s a very old, deep glacial lake, which means it stays much cooler and for longer than other lakes in the area – ideal for when temperatures in the city are soaring above 30.

QC Terme Milano – Milan

QC Terme Milano Milan

QC Terme Milano (by Katharina Ziche)

When you are tired of walking around, shopping or having too many aperitivos, QC Terme is the place to go! Besides having an indoor area, outdoors you will find a relaxing green environment, different types of warm water whirlpools and… the world’s only tram converted into a sauna. A SAUNA in a TRAM??? This is getting interesting!

Frysja – Oslo

Frysja Oslo swimming

Frysja (by Visit Norway)

Frysja is our Oslo local Elin‘s favorite place to swim in the city! Coming here is a lovely way to spend a day in the Norwegian Capital. Apart from swimming, people come for barbecues, picnics, or simply to relax in the grass. So what else do you need for a perfect summer day?

Korali – Sofia

Korali Sofia swimming

Korali (by Boyko Blagoev)

At the Korali complex, there are a couple of open-air swimming pools that are open even during the winter. These sky-blue pools, combined with the amazing view of the Pancharevo lake and the nearby hills in the background, do you need further convincing?

Lake Bundek – Zagreb

Lake Bundek Zagreb (by Nevena Mikec)

Many visitors of Zagreb know Lake Jarun. The smaller Lake Bundek is a lot less visited and a real hidden gem!

What I love about Bundek is its amazing landscaping, most alluring in warm months due to the large number of flowers planted around. The colors and smells are almost seductive in the spring when everything is in bloom. In the summer months, you can swim in the lake during the day and in the evening enjoy an open air concerts under the stars. The stage is floating on the water, making everything even more magical. — Nevena Mikec

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