10 Perfect Outdoor Swimming Spots in Europe

Some cities tend to get unbearably hot during the summer. Is there really any better way to cool yourself down, than by a dip in the water? Here are 10 great spots in Europe selected by our locals, with beautiful outdoor swimming spots which we just can’t wait to pay a visit.

This is no race, we love all of these spots equally so we put them in alphabetical order… Ready, set, jump! But don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen.

Bern – Eichholz

Eichholz (by Sebastian Meier)

Eichholz is the closest thing to a beach Bern has to offer.  People often here to spend the day relaxing, playing, sunbathing, and occasionally swimming! Despite the lack of a sea or a lake, Bern locals found an ingenious way to swim nonetheless. In the summer, they often enter the river through Eichholz and let themselves float back, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.

Copenhagen – Kastrup Søbad

Kastrup Søbad (by @marion_cz)

Kastrup Søbad is a really magical place that offers a fantastic experience no matter the season. In winter, when the water is frozen and the landscape changes completely, the view is almost fairytale-like. But our Spotter William prefers the warmer seasons, when he can enjoy a cold beer with friends, swim, or just listen to the sounds of the calm sea.

Helsinki – Löyly

Löyly (by @catchmeifyoucandice_)

There really is no shortage of swimming spots for Helsinki locals. There are so many islands (with their own beaches) around that the most difficult part is choosing which one to take the water bus to. But it’s also possible to go for a swim without boarding a boat. Löyly is a rather unique spot, that offers a lot of different experiences. You can relax in the sauna with a cold beer and sausage by your side, sunbathe on the sun deck while sipping a cocktail, or take a dip in the sea! You can probably tell by now why our Spotter Markus considers this a must for locals and visitors alike.

Ljubljana – Mestno Kopališče Kolezija

Mestno Kopališče Kolezija (by @pammpamela)

The only thing better than outdoor swimming is outdoor swimming… at night! At least that’s how our Spotter Miha feels. And his favorite place to relax by the water after the sun sets? Mestno Kopališče Kolezija. Admittedly, it’s also the only public pool complex that is actually open in the evening. The complex includes both an Olympic and a children’s pool, and even a jacuzzi. There are also activities such as beach volleyball, table tennis, a basketball court, bar, sauna… basically everything you need for a brilliant summer day!

Malmö – Scaniabadet

Scaniabadet (by @hectagram)

You will never have a hard time finding a place to go swimming in Malmö, as it is a coastal city. But when you have so many options, you will likely have a hard time finding the ‘best’ one. Well, our Spotter Sharon’s favorite spot to dive is Scaniabadet! This spot is also popular for yoga classes and workout sessions, so many locals go for a dip as a reward after their exercise! Or before, or whenever; you don’t need a reason to swim other than having fun.

Milan – QC Terme Milano

QC Terme Milano (by @lorepag90)

QC Terme Milano is a gorgeous elaborate spa that will impress you at every turn. Its indoor facilities include water-based spa activities, saunas, steam baths, a salt room, and themed relaxation rooms. Our focus today though is the outdoors – where you can find a relaxing green area and wonderful pools. As well as… a tram! Okay, this probably doesn’t surprise you if you’ve seen the picture, but did you know that it is actually a sauna? The entire environment is truly a haven of relaxation that our Spotter Ivan fell in love with.

Munich – Max-Joseph-Brücke Island

Max-Joseph-Brücke Island (by Alexander Stengel)

Max-J.-Brücke Island is one of our Spotter Alexander’s favorite places to go for a morning swim. Though it is not a huge island, it is big enough that you will likely be able to find your own spot to relax and swim freely along the river. Another great advantage is its location – as it is close not only to the English Garden (a wonderful park in Munich), but also to Chinesischer Turm (one of the city’s best beer gardens)!

Oslo – Sørenga

Sørenga (by @Helm Thomsen)

Sørenga is a spot where Oslo locals absolutely love to hang out in the summer, sunbathing, relaxing, and swimming. So much so that our Spotter Bendik finds it almost too crowded! To the point that he prefers being here during the winter, to enjoy the peace and quiet. If you enjoy people-watching and mingling with the locals though, do not hesitate to pass by this sea bath! It is also noteworthy that you can rent kayaks nearby and go on your own adventure to explore the islands around.

Sofia – Korali

Korali Sofia swimming

Korali (by Boyko Blagoev)

Korali complex, as the name implies, includes a number of different facilities. It has a restaurant with fantastic seafood (including freshly caught fish), and a spa center to refresh your body and soul. Last but not least, our Spotter Boyko’s favorite part – the open-air swimming pools. Spending a few hours relaxing in these pools, with a wonderful view of the Pancharevo lake and hills in the background, is an experience words alone cannot describe. There is also a mineral water pool, but be wary of the high temperatures.

Zagreb – Lakes Bundek & Jarun

Lake Bundek (by @slukii)

Despite not having a seaside, Zagreb is a surprisingly good city for outdoor swimming, thanks to its two major lakes – Jarun and Bundek. Jarun is the bigger and more popular one, but Bundek is just as beautiful. Our Spotter Nevena loves both equally! Of course, you are free to swim in either of them on a hot summer day… but they also offer space for many more fun activities, such as skating, jogging, barbecues, or just sunbathing and relaxing.

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