Our Europe trip: City 22 – Paris!

Spotted By Locals
June 2, 2015
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Meeting our Paris Spotters
Meeting our Paris Spotters

The last 2 months have gone by way too fast… We’ve just left the last stop on our 22 city tour through Europe: Paris! This city never ceases to amaze us. We had a wonderful time checking out our locals’ favorite spots – so many cool new spots have popped up since we last visited Paris in 2013!

Some of our “highlights” during our stay in Paris:

Sun, wine & water

Canal Saint Martin
Canal Saint Martin

When the sun is out, it seems the entire city of Paris comes out to enjoy a drink along the Seine or one of the canals. We were very lucky, because the weather was gorgeous on Saturday. Our choice was Canal Saint Martin, where we sat for hours enjoying the sun and locals around us.

On Monday night, we met our Spotters. Our newest Spotter Paul had picked a great spot: the Mikado’s at the very cool Les Berges. It’s difficult to imagine this walking path next to the Seine used to be a motorway…

Again, the weather was beautiful. We had a very nice time with our Paris Spotters and our special guest: Glasgow Spotter Eloise who happened to be in Paris!

Spotted by Locals Paris - the guys
Spotted by Locals Paris – the guys

Comptoir Général Paris

Comptoir Général Paris
Comptoir Général Paris

Comptoir Général calls itself as “an art museum dedicated to ghetto culture: the result of creativity that springs up in poor or marginalised places all over the world. And especially in Africa.”

They organise screenings, exhibitions, conferences, have a record label and a radio show. The place itself is indeed like a museum, with small exhibitions in every corner. For most people it’s just a very cool spot to hang out, and have a tropical cocktail (for a hefty Euro 15,=, but this is all reinvested in the project!)

Street art everywhere

Rue Dénoyez
Rue Dénoyez

We love street art, and fortunately: so do our Spotters. Our Spotter Adam (who also produces a free downloadable street art tour) recommends checking out Rue Dénoyez, which is full of cool street art. If you’re lucky, there’s also some sellers of street photography & street art.

Brunch time at La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie Paris
La Recyclerie Paris

La Recyclerie must be one of the most popular brunch spots in Paris on Sunday. It’s a very cool old train station, that was converted to an urban farm / restaurant / recycle workshop / … There’s always something to do here!

We just had a coffee here around brunch time, but the brunch looked very very good!

Le Baron Rouge wine bar

Le Baron Rouge Paris
Le Baron Rouge Paris

Le Baron Rouge was such a nice wine bar, that we almost broke our own “rule”: never visit a spot twice on a city trip… Great affordable wines, and very “aimable” bartenders. Great tip by our new Paris Spotter Yuko!

Le Cinquante - Marcello Sound System
Le Cinquante – Marcello Sound System

Marcello Sounds System @Le Cinquante

On Sunday afternoon, “Marcello Sound System” (Marcello with a guitar) plays sing along music at Le Cinquante – a bar that’s way too small for the amount of people who want to experience this very Parisian experience. Lots of fun!


We had an amazing time in this wonderful city, thanks to our great Paris Spotters’ tips. Thank you!


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