Interview with Pedro Ghinaglia (Barcelona Spotter)

Pedro Ghinaglia Barcelona

Today we have an interview with Pedro Ghinaglia, Spotter for our Barcelona cityblog.

We met Barcelona on a sunny day in Barcelona. Although he was very busy, he took all the time for our meeting, and even showed us some of his personal favorite spots on a walk. It’s a pleasure to be working with Pedro, who’s a fantastic photographer and a very enthusiastic, personal and convincing writer who shares a lot of really hidden spots!

Can you tell us a bit about who you are, and what you do?
Well, the truth is that I do fewer things than I could do. Besides being a Spotter I work as Marketing Analyst for the pharmaceutical industry which is a weird way to work for someone who studied Philosophy, even though it helps to pay the bills I consider this fact a sort of “dark side” in my life.

The light my life needs it comes from other activities I develop proudly: I do some graphic design, I really enjoy working with colours and shapes and I’m working on some personal projects related with music, photography and writing. The light comes from moments, places and persons I try to collect almost every day. I’m curious about people so I try to know more or less who’s in front of me sometimes.

What were your motivations to become a Spotter? Do you like it so far?
Yes, indeed! I became a Barcelona Spotter because it seemed the perfect way to explore the living scene around me. Sometimes I feel that being a Spotter can open some secret doors and making disappear some invisible barriers between the novelty some place or person could offer and myself.

I’ve come to know a lot of persons as a Spotter. It’s my favourite therapy, the best way to make this place a bit “mine” more and more.

What do you think distinguishes Spotted by Locals from other websites / travel-guides?
I think the secret of Spotted by Locals is based on its honesty. I mean, there are no other interests behind the spotted places because nobody pays to be spotted. Spotted by Locals is authentic, every place reflects a true experience. I think our readers trust in us; our credibility is based on the natural way we tell our stories.

The difference is that once you search for information about places you can find tons of prefabricated kilobytes and truth. Democracy on internet also means freedom of choice. Our readers understand this fact perfectly. They follow our advices because it means another way to be free.

Do you have a nice Spotters-story?
I have a lot of stories, indeed. Perhaps the one I remember with more love is the time I met an Austrian couple at some bar near home, La Terrassa I have spotted before.

I was sat at some table, talking with someone else and suddenly the bar’s owner came to me and he gave me some printed articles I’ve written for Spotted by Locals. I did not understand why he was giving these papers to me. He said “They’re here because of these papers!” but I was confused, I did not understand what he meant, so he asked me to stand up to meet the persons who have given my articles to him.

So I was there, in front of these kind persons thinking “Oh my God! This really works!” It was a great pleasure for me meeting them; we were talking for hours about a lot of things. My printed articles were on the table besides some beers and tapas we asked while they were telling me about their trip and the places they visited in Barcelona. I left that place that night feeling I had gained new friends.

I have their e-mail, so the next time I go to Vienna I will contact them to share some beers and spend some time with them again. I’m sure.

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