Our Europe trip – City 7: Prague!

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2 Prague

Spring in Prague

We’ve been lucky to have a very stable Spotters team in Prague over the last few years, and several of our Prague Spotters attended the 2012 and 2014 Spotters weekends, so didn’t really have a good reason to visit Prague since 2011…

As we’re now doing an Interrail trip to 26 cities in Europe, we were sure not to miss Prague! We stayed in Prague for 3 nights. Some of the things we experienced:

The Prague coffee culture

Prague cafés have always had pretty good coffee, but there’s been a real boom in “coffee nerd” places in Prague like Coffee room and La bohème cafe.

I Need Coffee Prague

I Need Coffee Prague

They all have excellent coffee, so we chose our favorite by the name: “I need coffee”. It’s a cool minimalist spot, totally dedicated to great coffee.

Kavarna Pod Lipami Prague

Kavarna Pod Lipami Prague

Kavarna Pod Lipami at the “other side of the water” is undoubtedly an excellent spot for coffee too, although we opted for raspberry juice here. Excellent place, with a relaxed garden with a great view of the beautiful neighborhood!

Jiřák Farmer’s market

Jiřák Farmer's market Prague

Jiřák Farmer’s market Prague

Every Friday and Saturday, there’s the very pleasant local neighborhood farmer’s market Jiřák. Not overrun by hipsters yet! We spent several hours observing the locals, and of course: sampling the great food and drinks.

Great food!

On Thursday night, we had dinner with our Spotter Jana in one of her favorite spots in the historic Castle neighbourhood she’s lucky to live in: Malý Buddha.

Friday night, we tried one of our Spotter Anna’s neighborhood favorites: Lokál Stromovka. We had just decided to perhaps “forbid” our Spotters to write about spots with the same name that are located at different spots, but now we’re not so sure… Lokal has 5 locations, but they’re all very different and feel very “local”…

Beers at Lokál Stromovka Prague

Beers at Lokál Stromovka Prague

As Anna suggested, we had the “smelly cheese” with bread, and it was amazing indeed. We just didn’t do enough of our best on the very good beer (served from special tanks, and checked daily by a “brew master”): check out our beer card…

Meeting the Spotters!

Spotters meeting Prague

Spotters meeting Prague

As the weather was fantastic, we asked our Spotters to choose a public spot in Prague where we could meet. After a little climb, where several of us got lost, we found the stunning viewpoint Jana has “spotted” and where we had a very nice “BYOB” meeting.

This was by far the most beautiful picknick view I’ve every experienced. And the best part: very few people know about it – we were the only ones there! I’m serious: this spot alone is worth going to Prague for…

Next stop on our 26 city Interrail trip: Prague!

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