Our Europe trip – City 15: Rome!

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Yes, 3 nights in Rome on our Interrail trip! Some of the highlights, and the great spots we visited walking through Rome with our iPhone (Sanne) and Android (Bart) city guides:

Meeting our Spotters

Dinner with Ivan & Daniela

Dinner with Ivan & Daniela

On Sunday, we (and Spotter Daniela) were invited to have dinner at our Spotter Ivan’s house. Ivan (a.k.a. #cookingmarra) made a really amazing dinner: pasta, eggplant parmigiana and cheese cake!

Spotters meeting in Rome

Spotters meeting in Rome

We met our team of Rome loving bloggers for a “bring it yourself” drink on Monday at Piazza Madonna Dei Monti – THE place to hang out after work for locals (and curious tourists of course). Even (or maybe especially) on a Monday!

Meeting Antonina

Meeting Antonina

As Antonina could not meet us at Monday night because she was out of town, we had the pleasure of having a coffee with her (and Ivan again!) in Trastevere.

Graffiti in via Ostiense

Graffiti in Via Ostiense (by Daniela d'Avanzo)

Graffiti in Via Ostiense (by Daniela d’Avanzo)

Surprise to many visitors of Rome who don’t venture outside of the city center: Rome does have buildings that are not so pretty! One of these neighborhoods is Ostiense, and here you can find some of the nicest street art in the city.

Read Daniela’s nice article about graffiti in the Via Ostiense neighborhood!

Espresso espresso espresso

Caffè Sant’Eustachio

Caffè Sant’Eustachio espresso (by Ivan Marra)

We love espresso, and have been high from it most of the 3 days! Coffee is great anywhere, but we agree with Spotter Ivan that Caffè Sant’Eustachio serves one of the best…

Neighborhood party with locals

2015-05-18 22.17.45

It was very nice accidentally running into a neighborhood party with locals aged zero to one hundred on a square in the San Giovanni area. Free food & drinks for everyone!

Macelleria Feroci

Macelleria Feroci Rome (by Eleonora Baldwin)

Macelleria Feroci Rome (by Eleonora Baldwin)

Read the very funny “hottest butchers in town” article by Eleonora: ladies don’t come to this beautiful butcher’s shop for the meat, but for the good looking butchers. Now that we’ve been there, I understand. The beautifully exhibited meat looks even better to me though…

Dinner in Le Tavernelle

Le Tavernelle Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

Le Tavernelle Rome (by Antonina Sinagra)

To celebrate our wonderful time in Rome (and good news from Holland – pregnant best friends!) we had dinner at the very cosy Le Tavernelle. Amazing “Cacio & Pepe” pasta, and the best tiramisu ever!

We experienced once again the Spotted by Locals Rome guide is a really great way to avoid the tourist masses, and find the hard to find really local spots. Spotters: you rock!

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