Interview with Sabrina Favoriti (Rome Spotter)

Sabrina al Vaticano

Today we have an interview with Sabrina Favoriti, Spotter for our Rome cityblog

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am young girl with the passion for writing and travel and I grew up in Rome for the most part and then went to the United States to study communications and ended up working there for awhile, but eventually came back to my roots in Rome.

I do different contract jobs but am mainly in the recruiting field even though I spend most of my time writing online. I love to travel and discover new places and then write about them. I like to cook and am a big fan of eating and trying new cuisines which I try to do as often as possible. I’m  a soccer fan and in fact in college I played indoor soccer for a few months but I’d rather be a spectator, and I love yoga and martial arts besides writing.

Do you like being a Spotter?
I love being a spotter because it makes me talk about the places I love and at a same time I see those places with a different angle as well.

One day I was out sitting at Piazza del Popolo in front of the twin churches and started to have a conversation with the people next to me, which were from New York and were in Rome visiting and I told them about the site and some of the places. A week later they e-mail me and said that they went to a few different places I wrote about and were happy with the suggestions. It definitely felt good and we still keep in touch through e-mail!

Why Rome? What is a must do when you visiting Rome? What not?
Rome is a very alive city that has a lot to offer besides the wonderful art and monuments; it has good food and friendly people.

What is a must when visiting Rome?
Well, it is hard to say because everything from visiting the Colosseum to the Vatican City is a must.

But maybe try to venture in those side streets of via del Corso or via Sistina and you may be amazed at the little shops and bars that you will find. Also a must see is Roma dal buco in the Aventino, in a little hole you get to see all of Rome!

One thing that I think one must try to avoid is going around in taxis because taking the bus and subway not only is cheaper but gets you directly in touch with the people of the city whom are always willing to help.

The best times to visit Rome are May, June and sometimes mid July, September and October. Try to avoid August because the city becomes hot, humid and a desert since a lot of business stay closed for the week Ferragosto (which is the 15th of August).

What do you know about Rome what no tourist will know?
I think that the Toretta Valadier (check the Torretta Valadier article) is an actual museum and wine tasting on the bridge  on Ponte Milvio (check the Jarro winebar article)  is something that tourist will not know about, sometimes not even the locals know about it. And if they do it’s impressive…they must be in touch with Spotted by Locals…

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
A perfect day in Rome needs to be a day where you take it easy and go for a stroll downtown and have a picnic at Villa Borghese (check the Villa Borghese article), then go to the zoo or the Galleria Borghese, but make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

The places that I would visit would be mainly Fassi and Mondi as I am a big fan of gelato, for shopping the Olimpico Market (read the Olimpico Market article) and Monello accessories (check the Monello article).  For art I would definitely go see the Torretta Valadier (check the Torretta Valadier article).  For entertainment I would go to the Habana (check the Habana article) or the Big Mama (check  the Big Mama article).

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