San Francisco & New York by KLM!

KLM pilot

KLM pilot (by maarten-sr)

As a self-funded small company with a lot of travel expenses (we meet all Spotters in person in their city), we’re always looking for the cheapest flights. On our recent trip to meet our Spotters in 7 North American cities, we were happy our favorite airline KLM offered the cheapest direct flights to New York and San Francisco!

Even better: when they heard of our North America expansion plans, they offered to pay our tickets in return for writing about KLM on our blog, and spreading the KLM love socially. We are free to write whatever we want, and we really appreciate the trust KLM has given us.

As the airline industry is having a difficult time because of high gas prices and increasing competition from low wage countries, it’s increasingly difficult for customers to experience the difference between airlines. Although as the son of two former KLM employees – with almost 60 years of loyal KLM service between them – I’m not at all objective, I feel KLM just stands out. And I know I’m not the only one… On our flights last month, I thought about what makes me want to fly KLM over other airlines:

  • KLM pride: you feel people working for KLM love their company. I love seeing that.
  • The cabin attendants: no-nonsense and “real” (as opposed to “servant robot”). They’re often very funny too!
  • The pilots: I know the training they get is the best in the world. That feels safe.
  • Their branding: as a marketing nut,  I love the social media campaigns they do (follow them on Facebook!)


On our flights to New York and San Francisco I just had one complaint: when I plug my own headphones into the KLM entertainment system and am enjoying a movie or some music, my ear drums  are almost destroyed by the extreme volume when the pilot or purser starts doing his/her public address. I’ve sent a suggestion to customer service, and got a friendly reply within 30 minutes! Let’s see if they fixed it next time we fly KLM – I hope soon!

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