Interview with Sara Berntsson (Berlin Spotter)

Sara Berntsson - Berlin Spotter

Today we have an interview with Sara Berntsson, Spotter for our Berlin Cityblog

Tell us about yourself
I produce a huge amount of pancakes every week due to compulsive baking. That has also earned me a good reputation for cheesecake. Kiwi gives me the creeps but otherwise I have no problem with fruit. For now learning to make cocktails is my passion but Bergman and Wes Anderson are to blame for many hours in front the screen.

I enjoy food, rooftops and writing about my surroundings.

Why Berlin?
What is a must and what not? Like most big cities Berlin has a lot to offer- a varierty of venues, parks, cafes and clubs. But what seperates Berlin from the others is that you have the choice to sink into it and escape the trappings of tourism. Leave the rucksack in the hostel and try to blend in; rent a bike and discover the city for yourself.

You don´t have to visit the Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor, instead let your curiosity lead you and don´t hesitate to go into places that stimulate you. Berlin is something of a goldmine.

Can you describe a perfect day in Berlin?
It´s Thursday, sunny and the Turkish market (see this article) has just opened where I fetch my breakfast and sit down by the canal where the Spanish guy is playing guitar. Biking is the perfect way to get around in Berlin and that´s the way to travel to the second-hand store Colors for a look around. And then it’s time for lunch in Nil.

The proper way to end a perfect day is with beer in Weserstrasse in Neukölln. Whether it´s Ä (see this article), Kuschlowski (see this article) or Silverfuture (see this article) the night will be complete there!

What do you know about Berlin that tourists won’t know?
The different districts are like different oceans, you have to swim in them to know what kind of fish are there. Bike, walk, take the subway, but just don´t systematically follow the tourist books.

Something else to share?
If it´s a nice day go to one of the parks in the city and simply have a picnic. Berlin has more parks than any other city in Europe. It probably wouldn’t hurt you either to simply take time out with some icecream.

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