Some of the Best Cities to Travel With Your Dog Worldwide

Photo by Jenny Marvin

When you own a dog you might be hesitant to travel to cities with your furry friend. Luckily these 12 cities are super dog-friendly so you never have to leave your dog at home!

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Photo by Dan Gold

In Tel Aviv, there is one dog for every 17 humans. This city has the most dogs per capita in one city in the world! The city has 4 dog-friendly beaches and 70 dog parks. That’s almost one per square km! Many businesses cater to dogs and you’ll find a pet store on almost every block. Dogs are welcome in almost every restaurant and there is an abundance of dog-friendly hotels. Tel Aviv hosts yearly events for dogs. Featuring dog spas, sushi for dogs, a bakery for dogs, and more!

New York (US)

Photo by Matt Nelson

New York is a city that you would not expect to be dog friendly, however, New Yorkers absolutely adore dogs. You’ll find around 400.000 dogs in the city. Most restaurants allow dogs, and you’ll find a wide variety of pet-friendly accommodations scattered throughout the city.  Just keep in mind that dogs must fit inside a bag to be allowed on public transport. But nobody said anything about the size of the bag ;)

Seattle (US)

Photo by Alvan Nee

In Seattle, people say that there are twice as many dogs as children! You will find 14 off-leash parks inside the city and 10 in the surrounding areas giving your pup numerous options to run around freely. Magnuson Park provides a separate area for small dogs and even has access to part of the beach along with Lake Washington. You will find 45 pet-friendly hotels and 150 pet-friendly restaurants. Dogs are also generally welcomed in the workplace too

Geneva (Switzerland)

Photo by Electra-K-Vasileiadou

The swiss take dogs very seriously. You have to take a test before you can get approved to have a dog! Dogs can explore the entire city of Geneva off-leash. Public transport is very dog-friendly and you will find over 50 dog-friendly hotels.  Just be wary, the swiss are very strict about picking up your dog’s poop. Be sure to always bring poop bags.  Geneva is also a great starting point for multiple hikes in its surrounding mountains and nature.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Photo by Annastills

A city that has taken serious steps to become more dog-friendly during the last decade is Prague. Dogs are now welcomed in most restaurants and bars and you’ll find many dog-friendly hotels. They are even allowed inside most stores. In Letna park you will find numerous beer gardens where you can relax while your dog runs around off-leash.

Portland (US)

Photo by Pontus Wellgraf

This city known for its hipster culture and love for art, craft, food, and fashion happens to be extremely dog friendly too. Portland has the most off-leash dog parks per capita. They have Dog run trails in Forest Park and the airport even has a dog zone. You’ll also find many dog-friendly accommodations.

Toronto (Canada)

Toronto has loads of parks that allow one and of leash activities. They have many pet-friendly restaurants, shops, and cafés.  They also used to have a hall of fame where they honor cats and dogs who saved a human life.  The best hotel to stay at is the Hazelton hotel which provides treats, toys, and information on what to do with your dog in the city.

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Photo by Mathias Darmell

Dogs are allowed on any form of public transportation in Amsterdam. But if you have a small dog, the most popular way to get around with your dog is by bike! Just put them in the bike basket and start exploring! The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht offers a four-star experience for your pooch! Dogs are generally welcome everywhere unless stated otherwise. They even have a swimming area at Flevopark. There is also no shortage of pet-friendly accommodation

Berlin (Germany)

Photo by Anna Stampfli

Not only is Berlin very easy to explore on foot, but your dogs are also welcome on all forms of public transport. If you would like to take a boat trip to explore the city from the water, your four-legged friend is welcome too! There are also numerous restaurants, hotels, and cafes that welcome your dog with open arms.

Paris (France)

Photo by Barthelemy de Mazenod

Parisians love their dogs.  You will see dogs everywhere in Paris. Locals welcome your four-legged friend in almost every restaurant, gallery, and shop. However, dogs are not welcome in most museums. Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes are two parks that your dog will love. They are extremely large and your dog can play off-leash. Find pet-friendly hotels here.

Barcelona (Spain)

Photo By GabriellanClare Marino

In Barcelona, dogs can come into supermarkets which is quite unique in Europe. Dogs are also allowed in one of the cities top attractions: Park Guell. Barcelona has a dog-friendly beach and numerous parks which provide water fountains for your dog to cool off in. You can find dog-friendly hotels here.

San Francisco:

Photo by Charlie Foster

You’ll find over 200 dog-friendly restaurants for you and your canine friend in San Francisco. There are plenty of off-leash parks and beaches for walks. The best place for a good hike is Golden Gate Park. That has over 1,000 acres of green space to explore. The city also hosts the DogFest and the Pet Pride Day Festival that celebrate both dogs and their owners. The city also offers many pet-friendly hotels.

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