Spotted by Locals on Google Glass!

Spotted by Locals on Google Glass (Field Trip app)

Spotted by Locals on Google Glass (Field Trip app)

Can you imagine walking down the streets of one of “our ” 56 cities, and getting a notification not on your smartphone but in front of your eyes, when a Spotted by Locals spot in in sight?

It’s now possible thanks to our Google Field Trip friends, who have integrated their app (and our locals’ tips) into Google Glass!

Unfortunately we have not been able to see this in person yet, because we’re not one of the lucky people (rich enough) to own a Glass. But this live screenshot of The Grove Cafe in San Francisco (thanks Archit!) proves it’s possible.

Field Trip is a cool app that runs in the background of your iPhone or Android, and notifies you if something you might like is nearby. Field Trip learns from your experiences.

Another thing we really like is the quality curated content: the Field Trip team decides which publishers can join the app. We’re happy to be one of the few travel guide publishers in there, and to be mentioned in the app description!

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