Spotter pioneers since 2008


In 2008, Sanne and I quit our jobs to follow our heart and try to start up a community of city lovers and a network of always up to date city guides written by locals.

In an old Opel Astra we drove to 20 cities in Europe and had meetings with hundreds of potential Spotters. Some of the people we selected in 2008 are still with us, and we think that is fantastic! We owe a lot to these people who believed in us, when we had nothing but a story about our dream to convince them.

A big thank you to the following pioneers who are still writing enthusiastically about their current favourite spots on Spotted by Locals!

On this interactive map you can follow which cities we visited, and pictures of Spotters who have been with us since 2008.

2008 Roadtrip Spotted by Locals 2014-06-18 14-26-23

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