Spotters meeting Spotters

Every week we receive emails or see social media posts from Spotters who met fellow Spotters on their trips. It always makes us super happy to see people of our virtual community of 435 handpicked Spotters meet up in person.

Here’s a few of the meetings that we know of in the last few months…

Dimitris (Athens) meeting Porto Spotter Tiago

Stefan (Copenhagen) and Sarunas (Vilnius) meeting the Tel Aviv Spotters team

Anna Maria (Bucharest) in Cologne

The Frankfurt Spotters team meeting up

Paris Spotters meeting up

Rudy (Rome) meeting Denise (Manchester)

Claudio (Lisbon), Renata (Brussels) and Kevin (Antwerp)

Kathrin (Helsinki) meeting Lisbon Spotter Nuno

Jeremie (Montreal) in LA meeting Spotter James

Nick (New York) in Rome meeting Daniela & Ivan

Spotters: keep sending pictures please :)

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