Our Heroes: Pioneer Spotters since 2008!

2008 Roadtrip Spotted by Locals 2014-06-18 14-26-23

In 2008 we quit our jobs to start Spotted by Locals. Our first mission – after launching our first guide to Amsterdam: find Spotters in 20 big European cities. So we hit the road in our old but (then still…) trustworthy but old Opel Astra, and drove from Amsterdam to 18 European capitals – and Hamburg:

  1. Antwerp
  2. Brussels
  3. Paris
  4. Barcelona
  5. Lisbon
  6. Madrid
  7. Geneva
  8. London
  9. Rome
  10. Milan
  11. Zagreb
  12. Ljubljana
  13. Vienna
  14. Budapest
  15. Prague
  16. Berlin
  17. Hamburg
  18. Copenhagen
  19. Stockholm

Bart working in improvised “office” – a Madrid hostel room in 2008

When we started Spotted by Locals, we had nothing but our words to convince potential Spotters of our concept. We sincerely want to thank the pioneer Spotters who believed in us, and started this great adventure with us:

  • Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Schlochtern, Amsterdam
  • Gisela Clarke, Amsterdam
  • Bill Sinclair, Barcelona
  • Pedro Ghinaglia, Barcelona
  • Rafael Dujarric, Barcelona
  • Natalia Irina Roman, Berlin
  • Sarah Curth, Berlin
  • Ianthe Lancsweert, Brussels
  • Renata Riva, Brussels
  • Kálmán Faragó, Budapest
  • Kyra Garske, Hamburg
  • Ute Kreitz, Hamburg
  • Erik Lassche, Lisbon
  • Jost Derlink, Ljubljana
  • Tjasa Janovljak, Ljubljana
  • Charl Asuit, London
  • Phoebe Ferris-Rotman, London
  • Nikko Hinderstein, Madrid
  • Audrey Smith, Milan
  • Filip Grimm, Prague
  • Natalia Urbanska, Stockholm
  • Vasco Castro, Stockholm
  • Kruno Koprivnjak, Zagreb
  • Nikolina Demark, Zagreb

Click here to see an interactive map of our road trip, and click on the cities to see pictures of our pioneer Spotters!

We have seen most of our pioneer Spotters quite a few times since 2008, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in Amsterdam during the 2014 Spotters weekend. We can’t wait!

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