Spotters Weekend ’23 in Krakow: Connecting Communities

Spotted By Locals
November 8, 2023
2 min read

Over the weekend, the Spotters community gathered in Krakow for a memorable few days of exploration and connection. The event brought together over 50 participants from 35 different cities, showcasing the diverse reach of our community. We were fortunate to have the support of the city of Krakow, which provided various locations that became the backdrop to our shared experiences.

The Spotters Weekend was filled with diverse activities that highlighted what it means to be a Spotter. We started with a guided tour of Krakow, complete with shared umbrellas and extensive commentary from our guide. The day concluded with a pub quiz that combined friendly competition and camaraderie. Saturday offered a range of choices, from a morning Yoga workshop to an invigorating run through the city. Workshops focused on the future of Spotted by Locals, content development, and the art of crafting video profiles. The Scavenger Hunt led us on a journey through Krakow’s hidden gems, while an unexpected encounter with a local pierogi chef added a delightful twist to the day. Saturday night was a culinary celebration, followed by a karaoke session led by Max from Rome, who ensured the evening ended on a high note.

The Spotters Weekend was an opportunity to connect, share, and experience our vibrant Spotters community firsthand. Each moment added to our shared tapestry of memories, and we’re grateful to everyone who was a part of this memorable event! Until our next adventure, let’s continue to explore and share the hidden gems that make our cities unique.


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