My internship at Spotted by Locals


My name is Stefan and I write for Spotted by Locals in Copenhagen, Denmark. I did an internship at the Spotted by Locals, partly at the headquarters Amsterdam and partly in Copenhagen.

I really enjoy being a Spotter and everything that comes with it. Already I have made a few friendships with the Spotters network, which I couldn’t have done otherwise. Everyone has something in common – writing about their favourite personal spots and that’s what got me into this business in the first place – my love for Copenhagen and many other cool cities for that matter.

Last year I started a new chapter of my life – I went back to school after 10 years as a hard working man, which can be quite challenging. But it also took me in a whole new direction and this summer I had to find an internship somewhere…

Why did I choose to to do my internship at Spotted by Locals?
I wanted a better understanding on how to run your own business and I wanted to learn how to connect and match social medias to the company profile, in the best way possible. A quick look at the work Sanne and Bart are doing, made me realize that 3 months with them, would also teach me a lot more than this.

I love travelling and meeting people from around the world, so my first thought was to find an internship in another country. I got lucky – Spotted by Locals was the perfect opportunity for me.

My internship assignment was to help increase the activity on social media, so that more travellers will get inspired to travel like a local in all the great cities around the world.

What did I learn?
If I have to sum up a few of the things I’ve learned from my time here, it would be the impact social media can have on your business, how much work and creativity it takes to maintain them and how many tools and possibilities there is to handle them.
I’ve also learned a lot about how to do a task with the long-term perspective in mind.

I’ve learned about networking, structuring my work and as a bonus, I’ve learned a lot about Amsterdam and what a cool city it is.

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