Interview with Teresa Juan Lopez (Madrid Spotter)

Today an interview with Teresa Juan Lopez, Spotter for our Madrid cityblog. We met Teresa during our second visit to Madrid to meet new Spotters. I remember it was cold and wet in Madrid… very rare!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born in Madrid and I am a Journalist. I write for some magazines and I present my own daily radio show. Mainly I talk about cultural events and I interview lots of interesting people everyday. I love my job!

Yoga and graphology are also some of my passions. And, above all, I really like travelling. I normally try to combine my job as a Journalist with my trips and that is why I have been sending my reports from places like Japan or Iceland.

I like discovering new places and then coming back to my city also to enjoy every minute!

Why Madrid?
Madrid has almost everything. I have been travelling a lot and I love it, but this city has a vibrant shine. It never stops! But it also lets you enjoy a great time for relaxing.

There are thousands of things you can do. You hardly have time to go/see everything. From exhibitions, to street art, dancing to theatre. You can find the weirdest cloths and also the most fancy ones. Trust me, Madrid could be incredibly cheap for shopping (if you know where to go) and amazing for tapas.

A walk in the Retiro park in a weekday is a must. I personally love the lights of the city every night. And also some cute venues where writers used to gather and discuss several topics long time ago. Madrid has a lot of history. I think you can tell just walking in the street!

Try to avoid crowds. Like in any other big city, rush hour in the tube and traffic jams could be a little bit stressful. Apart from that, I have no complaints. Madrid is perfect for me!

Which prejudices about Madrid are true? Which ones are not?
Madrid has become a multicultural city in the last few years. Some people have prejudices about that. I am convinced of the personal and human enrichment it has on people. So Madrid has changed and we have to adapt to its new citizens with an open minded view. This is also part of Madrid´s new soundtrack.

In general, I cannot consider this city as unsafe. You must be careful with your handbag in the city centre and maybe in crowded areas like “El Rastro” (the open air market) on Sunday mornings. Apart from that, it is totally safe to walk around, even if you are a woman and it is four in the morning!! So do not worry about that!

What do you know about Madrid what no tourist will know?
I know a few relaxing spots where people find a perfect moment to chill out. There is a perfect view from the top of a commercial centre (no one would ever think that this is a fantastic eye view from the whole city centre), for example. There are also a lot of healthy shops and vegetarian restaurants for those who want to take care of themselves.

I am an expert in finding new romantic cafes (even in the city centre) that just locals know, where you will not find any tourists. Decorated with candles and full of writer´s stories, are a real discovery for anyone.

I love the theatre, so I also can recommend a few really cool hidden venues where you will feel as close to the actors as ever. I find this a great chance to enjoy the artistic side of the city.

Can you describe a perfect day in your city, with your Spotted by Locals spots of course?
I would start the day (let´s say a Thursday) in Aula 11, with a relaxing yoga class. I will have a look at the flowers at the Mercado de las Flores and I would go for a walk in the city centre, admiring the paintings at Plaza Mayor, looking for new books at FNAC Callao, and shopping for the rest of the morning.

Then I would eat some tapas at Taberna El Almendro, in La Latina, and I will take the subway and I will go for a beautiful walk near the Cristal Palace, in the Retiro Park. I might join a flamenco show at “Florida park” and I will finish the night with a great dinner at the restaurant called “El Séptimo”.

After that, if I have enough energy, I would go to Café Madrid to meet international people during a drink.

But that is just a plan. I also like to improvise every day…

Is there something else you want to share?
Do not miss Madrid. It is a combination of history, culture, nightlife and friendly people. You will feel at home and, for sure, you will not forget an incredible experience!

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