The Best Pancakes in Europe – Our locals’ favorites

Everybody loves pancakes. No truer sentence has ever been uttered. Feast your eyes upon some of the top traditional spots in Europe to satisfy your cake-from-a-pan cravings, all hand picked by our team of dedicated Spotters. Whether it’s pancakes, crêpes or poffertjes you’re looking for: keep on reading!

Barcelona, Spain

Brunch & Cake Barcelona

Brunch & Cake (by Tatiana Martinez)

Why not start your day on the right foot by indulging in some delicious pancakes? It’s possible at Brunch & Cake in Barcelona. Not only do they serve great food, the setting is just totally instaworthy. So beware: don’t let your pancakes get cold whilst taking pictures!

Paris, France

La Belle Ronde Paris pancakes

La Belle Ronde (by Julia Fortuin)

La Belle Ronde has a modern take on pancakes. Contrary to most ‘crêperies’ in Paris, the place is crisp and well-lit. They serve all kinds of pancakes, but the classic ones with butter and sugar are always a safe bet.

Tirana, Albania

Piccadilly - Lulishtja Tirana

Piccadilly (by Piccadilly – Lulishtja)

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Tirana, go to Piccadilly. The place serves as a bar, restaurant, and park all at the same time. Together with the vintage-English inspired decor, it makes for the perfect little break. Not only do they serve pancakes, but also sandwiches and some bigger courses.

Milan, Italy

Gelati Crepes Le Colonne Milan

Gelati Crepes Le Colonne (by Matteo Banchi)

Of course, everyone knows the Italian gelato. But did you know they also make great pancakes? At Gelati-Crepes Le Colonne, you’ll get the perfect proof. Get drawn inside by the sweet sweet smell of ice cream and pancakes, stay for the taste. They serve fillings for everyone’s taste; whether you prefer Nutella, whipped cream or pear.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Poffertjessalon Seth Rotterdam pancakes

Poffertjessalon Seth (by Poffertjessalon Seth)

‘Poffertjes’ represent the Dutch take on pancakes. They’re a bit thicker, fluffier, and usually served with icing sugar and butter. A visit to Poffertjessalon Seth is worth the effort just to see how they are made. They make the process appear so effortless, while in fact, it’s kind of impressive. You can sit inside or enjoy them on the little grass field just in front – that’s up to you!

Zurich, Switzerland

Zum Guten Glück Zurich

Zum Guten Glück (by Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück)

As you’d expect from the high Swiss standards, some real gourmet pancake stuff awaits you in Zum Guten Glück“With creations ranging from the sweet – ricotta, maple syrup and almonds – to the savory – horseradish cream and smoked ham – it’s really any pancake lover’s dream”, says our Zurich local Allan. Enjoy your gastronomical exploration in a sleek Scandinavian style interior. Classy, through and through.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kalaset Copenhagen

Kalaset (by Kalaset)

A retro-themed basement café in the center of Copenhagen that offers thick, but not too fluffy (one might say, the Goldilocks zone) pancakes. Kalaset definitely seems worthy of checking out, but beware – make your way there before 11:00 or you might find yourself in a chock-full venue. Remember how they say – the early bird gets the pancake!

Cologne, Germany

LizBät Cologne pancakes

LizBät (by LizBät)

Whether you like your pancakes to be sweet or salty – LizBät is the way to go when you’re in Cologne. Why not customize your very own one? They’ll put everything you want on there, no problem. This is a traditional yet classic spot where you can’t go wrong.

Kiev, Ukraine

Klukva-Brukva Kiev Pancakes

Klukva-Brukva (by Dima Romas)

The philosophy behind Klukva-Brukva is pretty straight-forward: they only cook with local, Ukrainian ingredients. That means everything from drinks to veggies. The Kiev gastro-expert who owns the place thinks of very unusual combinations, which always seem to turn out nicely. Typical are the thin pancakes called ‘blintz’, served with all kinds of stuff, depending on the day.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Valentino Thessaloniki pancakes

Valentino Thessaloniki (by Ioannis Sykomanis)

Valentino makes the best crepes in Thessaloniki. That’s what our local Spotter Giannis says anyway and we believe him. Apparently, the place even comes with its own saying: “First you squeeze it, then you suck it, and finally you take a big bite or you will be soiled!” That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? You can choose between more than 20 fillings, so choose wisely.

Now you know. The sacred truth of the pancake way has been foretold unto thee, only to expand in the eons to come and bring you even more recommendations, as our Spotters diligently weave, one by one, the tales of the legendary crêpe masters of Europe. Stayeth tuned!

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