Top Favorite Pancake Spots in Europe

As our Spotter Samuel Bacon elegantly put it, “I don’t think there’s any culture around the world that doesn’t have some form of a pancake. Pour some dough in a pan, top it with stuff. It’s easy. It’s tasty.”

Everybody loves pancakes. No truer sentence has ever been uttered. Feast your eyes (or your stomach) upon some of the top spots in Europe to satisfy your cake-from-a-pan cravings, all recommended by our team of dedicated Spotters. From piles of classic fluffy pancakes to multicultural ethnic variations, we’ve got the goods. Whether it’s pancakes, crêpes or poffertjes you’re looking for, keep reading!

MOAK Pancakes, Amsterdam

MOAK Pancakes (by MOAK)

This is a modern pancake spot serving the most delicious healthy pancakes with fresh juices, a perfect start to the morning. The basic pancake recipe at MOAK is simple, but the fresh toppings make this place stand out. With names such as “Heavy Momma” (including all the toppings available) and “The Mancake” (with bacon, of course) you can expect an abundance of flavors that go well with the pancakes’ fluffy deliciousness.

Pirmas Blynas, Vilnius

Pirmas Blynas (by Paula Tolpezninkait)

A yummy pancake spot with a great message for society, Pirmas Blynas is a social pancake restaurant located in the centre of Vilnius. It employs people with disabilities, which is a great initiative since there aren’t many other places like this in Lithuania. A wide range of pancakes is on offer, both sweet and savory, with vegetarian and vegan options as well. The pancakes are huge and filling, so enjoy!

Brunch & Cake, Barcelona

Brunch & Cake Barcelona

Brunch & Cake (by Tatiana Martinez)

Start your day in Barcelona on the right foot by indulging in these delicious pancakes at Brunch & Cake. Not only do they serve great food, the setting is totally instaworthy. So beware: don’t let your pancakes get cold while taking pictures!

Picadilly Lulishtja, Tirana

Piccadilly - Lulishtja Tirana

Piccadilly Lulishtja (by Albi Bucpapaj)

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Tirana, go to Piccadilly (and no, we don’t mean go all the way to London). This English-inspired place serves as a cafe, bar, restaurant and park all at the same time. The vintage style decor and relaxed atmosphere make for the perfect little break. They serve crêpes, as well as sandwiches and drinks and cocktails in the evenings.

Cafe Pispala, Tampere

Cafe Pispala (by Cafe Pispala)

If you’re looking for an American-style pancake brunch in Tampere, Cafe Pispala is the spot. Their brunch is served on weekends, while other delicious lunches and dinners are served on week days. At brunch especially the portions are huge, so if you are not very hungry we recommend sharing with a friend!

Paviljoen Malieveld, the Hague

Paviljoen Malieveld (by Jorinde van der Burgh)

Who doesn’t love “pannenkoeken”, “wafels” and “poffertjes”! (English: pancakes, waffles and Dutch mini pancakes.) Even better when you can find all of them in one place. The current Paviljoen Malieveld menu includes 5 types of poffertjes, 20 types of pannenkoeken and 13 types of wafels!

Le Colonne Gelateria, Milan

Gelati Crepes Le Colonne Milan

Gelati Crepes Le Colonne (by Matteo Banchi)

Of course, everyone knows the Italian gelato. At Le Colonne Gelateria you’ll find that if it’s your desire, but they also offer a delicious assortment of crêpes. Get drawn inside by the sweet smell of ice cream and pancakes, and stay for the taste. From Nutella to pears to chantilly cream with strawberries, they serve fillings that cater to everyone’s liking.

Konamon, Frankfurt

Okonomi-yaki (by Shintaro Kakutani)

Konamon serves Japanese street food classics “okonomi-yaki” and “takoyaki” in an adorable little restaurant that has no more than 5 or 6 tables. Okonomi-yaki is a Japanese savory pancake, served with various fillings. At Konamon, you can order one of the many pancakes they feature on the menu, or even create your own.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zum Guten Glück Zurich

Zum Guten Glück (by Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück)

As you’d expect from high Swiss standards, some real gourmet pancake stuff awaits you in Zum Guten Glück. With creations ranging from the sweet (like ricotta, maple syrup and almonds) to the savory (horseradish cream and smoked ham), they serve any pancake lover’s dream. And just wait until you’ve tasted their selection of mouthwatering waffles and poffertjes…

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kalaset Copenhagen

Kalaset (by Kalaset)

A retro-themed basement cafe in the center of Copenhagen that offers thick, but not too fluffy (one might say, the “Goldilocks zone”) pancakes. Kalaset is definitely worth checking out, but beware: make your way there before 11:00 or you’ll likely find yourself in a chock-full venue. Remember what they say – the early bird gets the pancake!

Kyiv, Ukraine

Klukva-Brukva Kiev Pancakes

Klukva-Brukva (by Dima Romas)

The philosophy behind Klukva-Brukva is pretty straight-forward: they only cook with local, Ukrainian ingredients. The gastronomy expert who owns the place thinks of very unusual combinations, which generally seem to turn out nicely. An authentic local oven is used to make thin pancakes called “blintz”, which can be enjoyed with different fillings.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Valentino Thessaloniki pancakes

Valentino Thessaloniki (by Ioannis Sykomanis)

Valentino makes the best crepes in Thessaloniki. That’s what our local Spotter Giannis says anyway, and we believe him. You can choose between more than 20 fillings, sweet and savory, so choose wisely!

Pán Cakes, Bratislava

Pán Cakes (by Pán Cakes)

Early risers should keep this spot in mind – they open at 7:30am and stay open all weekend! Pán Cakes serves different delicious items for different times. Their sweet pancakes make a nice breakfast with a coffee, while for a lunch or dinner, three salty pancakes make a perfectly satisfying dish. The pancakes are always freshly prepared on order, and never disappoint.

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