The Spotted by Locals Difference in 14 Super-Cool Spots

What really makes Spotted by Locals special and our Spotters proud? Let us give you a small taste with 14 of our favorites local spots across our 70+ cities that best exemplify the Spotted by Locals difference.

A Madrid museum even most locals don’t know

Museo Geominero Madrid (by Andrea Roberts)

Even most locals don’t know about the hidden Museo Geominero in Madrid. Even if you’re not into minerals and “things dug out”, visit it for the amazing building — it’s free!

A Lenin statue – in Seattle!?

The Statue of Lenin Seattle (by Nicoline Miller)

One of the toppled giant Lenin statues from the ex-USSR’s has found its way to Fremont, Seattle! The Lenin statue is often decorated, appropriated, or vandalized with various intentions, both whimsical and serious…

A sauna made of driftwood by Oslo locals

Sørengas Badstue Oslo (by Jimmy Linus)

This floating sauna in central Oslo is made of driftwood and discarded material. Sørengas Badstue is a labour of love by some locals, moored across the stunning Opera House in the center of town and quite affordable…

The smallest cinema in the world – in Rome

Cinema dei Piccoli

Cinema dei Piccoli has one movie projector, a screen and exactly 63 seats, making it one of, if not the smallest, in the world. Another reason it’s special: it shows mainly European, independent films in their original language — a rarity for Italy!

Combine a Hamburg boat tour and party!

Frau Hedi Hamburg (by

The tiny Frau Hedi boat takes you around Hamburg’s harbor, but every hour there’s a different theme party, from a “Scandinavian Pop Party” to “Russian Datscha Party”… It’s fun way to meet locals — our Spotter Kyra says it’s one of her best insider tips!

A monastery on a “secret” island in Venice

San Francesco Del Deserto Venice (by Brunella in Venice)

Escaping the crowds is easy in Venice… Go to San Francesco Del Deserto – an island virtually disconnected from the rest of the Lagoon and inhabited by Franciscan priests since 1230…

A winter garden for every occasion in Helsinki

Talvipuutarha Helsinki (by Rantapallo)

Talvipuutarha is a 120-year-old greenhouse in Helsinki. You can go for a picnic here no matter what the weather is like outside…

The “ugliest building in the world?” in Prishtina

National Library Prishtina (by Adventurous Travels)

You either love or hate the National Library building in Prishtina, considered by some as one of the ugliest in the world. Local Art reckons ‘it’s so hideous, it loops back to being cool…’.

A half-century old beer advertisement in Cologne

Reissdorf-Männchen Cologne (by Frank Krumbach)

The Reissdorf-Männchen animated neon sign in Cologne is an advertisement for one very local Kölsch beer brand: Reissdorf. It has been there since 1968 and has meanwhile gained official landmark status.

A crumbling bobsleigh track in Sarajevo

Bobsleigh Track Sarajevo (by Dado Ruvić)

What remains of the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympic venues? Local Samra invites us to discover the abandoned, forest- and graffiti-covered bobsleigh track — or what it’s been turned into more than 30 years later!

An umbrella repair shop in Ljubljana

Dežnik Ljubljana (by

Dežnik is an umbrella maker and repair shop. It’s probably safe to say that owner Ms. Marija is the last one in Ljubljana, even Slovenia, who is a master of the craft of fine umbrella artisanship.

The last currency exchange office you’ll ever need – right in central Sofia.

Nikar Sofia (by Boyko Blagoev)

This currency exchange office in Sofia has become a kind of tourist attraction — the owner of Nikar takes pride in holding almost all the world currencies you can think of…

Skopje’s best alternative artists in a tiny interactive space

Mobile Quonset Hut Gallery Skope (by Contemporary art center)

You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance that the small, flexible DIY space of Mobile Quonset Hut Gallery hosts Skopje’s best burgeoning artists…

The weirdest statue ever, found in Yerevan

The Bloody Madonna Yerevan (by Vahagn Vardumyan)

Why is this hidden Madonna statue in Yerevan ‘bloody’? Does it have anything to do with the fact that it’s being kept in an ex-Soviet HQ maternity hospital? No-one knows…

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