Interview with Tomáš Jungwirth (Prague Spotter)


Today we have an interview with Tomáš Jungwirth, Spotter for our Prague cityblog

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi there, I am Tomáš, a twenty-year old guy from Prague. I was born just a year before the fall of communism in our country but I feel that its legacy remains in us Czechs until today. That has to change and therefore I try to do something about it. I participate on a project collecting testimonies of former political prisoners, I work as an assistant of an MP for the Green Party and so on.

I just finished my first year of studies of Law at Charles University, Prague. However, I am also interested in literature, history and philosophy. The parliament elections are coming up soon and the MP I assist to is not running for office again. So I’ll have to search for another job. We’ll see… :)

How do you like being a Spotter?
I enjoy it more than I expected. Finally I can share places I love with people who might appreciate it. Also it forces me to visit lovely spots I often haven’t visited for some time already. Just now, I walked through the city center to office and realized how little I usually look around and that I just barely look up. That’s weird – if only because when in a strange city I do that a lot. So being a Spotter teaches me to view Prague from a different perspective…

Which prejudices about Prague are true? Which ones are not?
What is true, is that there is quite a lot of drinking taking place here. Still, many English guys come here to enjoy their „stag-parties“ and the locals are not much behind. What is a myth, is that Prague is still an Eastern-type city. It is actually one of the richest areas in the whole European Union and although everything is not perfect, you can see it. The public transport works, the city center is clean and if you are aware of the pick-pockets, you should really enjoy your stay.

What do you know about Prague what no tourist will know?
Obviously, I know the regular, daily routine. Living in a city is very far from just visiting it… I don’t think I have many more secrets concerning this city, since I share most of them with you.

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Prague at this moment?
I always envied friends who lived in Dejvice and Bubenec, in the North of Prague. It is very much a city inside a city, you can find there everything you need for life and the people are often really close to each other – making for a kind of community. Luckily, I had the opportunity to move in there last fall and I am really enjoying it. Lots of great people, fancy pubs, many green spots… I consider Dejvice to be the most popular neighborhood in Prague, but maybe I am just biased. :)

Can you describe a perfect day in your city?
It would be a warm summer day. First of all, I would go get a brunch probably in „Krásný ztráty“. Then I’d take the bike and go for a ride in „Prokopské údolí“. Later, I might go relax a bit at the „Paddle boats at Vltava“ or visit a gallery („Rudolfinum“, Filip Grimm wrote about, would be my first choice).

For dinner, I would go to „Café Therapy“ to get a tartar steak and a beer and straight after I would walk across the river and spend the rest of the evening around Újezd. I might go to Petrín with some friends (and some beers, although I’d have to watch out, since drinking is officially illegal there) and later visit „Popocafépetl“, „Klub Újezd“ or „Kavárna v sedmém nebi“.

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