Top 5 Free Spots To Visit In Luxembourg City


Are you visiting Luxembourg city on a certain budget and would like to explore the city without going bankrupt? Well, good thing you’re reading this article! Because we’ve got a list of spots and things to do for free for you that guarantees you a nice day without spending a single dime.

Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is an ancient city founded in 963 and located between France, Germany and Belgium.

Throughout history, Luxembourg had one of the strongest fortresses in Europe, and this can still be seen in the old city centre, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Lux- Kirchberg Train

Lux - Kirchberg Train Luxembourg City

Image by Wendy Winn

The ride on this train is a real fairy tale because you have a fantastic view of the city, the fortress, the valleys and the bridges.

You may think a train ride through the city costs some money, but you’re wrong! The ride on this train and getting a spot is 100% free.
You will have the best experience if you ride the train during the day. Look for trains heading to Diekirch and Troisvierge, which is the direction you need to go.

Find a nice, clean window (or maybe an open one), and get ready for the best ride in Luxembourg.

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Petrusse Valley

Pétrusse Valley Luxembourg City

Image by Marcela Salamanca

Petrusse Valley is a Local Favourite in Luxembourg; it is the city’s heart and provides a range of free activities and spots.

Starting with Rue d’Anvers, there is a very well-designed outdoor fitness park, fenced soccer/basketball play area, and climbing playground for kids.

You will come across the spectacular Adolphe Bridge toward the Grund district.

This bridge is stunning and has a cycle/pedestrian bridge suspended just under it, providing an excellent platform to take in the valley landscape and score some beautiful pictures.

Lastly, once almost at The Grund in the northeast end, there is the Skatepark Péitruss. It is large and offers skaters many opportunities to test their skills. It is busy, but users are polite.

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Schlaifmillen Luxembourg City

Image by Marcela Salamanca

Another free activity and spot is The Bonnevoie trail. It is perhaps so well hidden that you might just stumble upon it and forget you are still in Luxembourg Ville!

You will be mesmerized by how the city disappears because you will get engulfed by the luscious trees, the art, and the history as the Alzette River winds past you.

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Outdoor Fittness Park Hollerich

Outdoor Fitness Park Hollerich Luxembourg City

Image by Raphael Koerich

Another place on the list of free spots in Luxembourg city is this park, a local favourite for outdoor exercise.

It is open, free, surrounded by nature, has hiking trails with ups and downs, stairs, a small court to play ball, and has new and complete equipment for the practice of weight training, stretching, mobility, and even CrossFit.

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The National Library

National Library Luxembourg City

Image by Marcela Salamanca

If the sounds of the city have you wishing for some peace, then perhaps getting lost in a book will help you regain your strength and tackle more city adventures.

You will find the Bibliothèque National du Luxembourg (BNL) just a short tram ride from the city centre. Not only is it a stunning building, but it also offers the option of enjoying a nice coffee…or cocktail.

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