Top Ten Spots in 2020

We got geeky on data a few days ago while eating endless Christmas biscuits, to create a “top ten” of most visited web-pages. Obviously, these are “top” posts in terms of the number of visits only: we love all our spots the same!

10. The Subcrawl in Glasgow

Image by Gill Davies

No, we didn’t write “pub crawl” wrong! The Subcrawl is like a classic pub crawl, but it involves taking the subway. You get your friends, buy an all-day ticket, and hop on the train. Then, you get off at every stop and find the nearest pub to drink and party. There is 15 stops total, so.. get your liver ready!

“I haven’t done the Sub Crawl – even if I had, I doubt I would have remembered it.” – Gill Davies

9. The Edith Macefield House in Seattle

Image by Nicoline Miller

A city development often comes with destroying older houses to make room for modern buildings. Well, it usually does… unless the owner of one of those houses refuses to sell it to construction companies. That’s exactly what happened with Edith Macefield’s house. The 84 years old woman refused offers as high as one million dollars to buy her property! As a result, developers ended up just building all around her and the house became a relic from a Ballard that no longer exists.

“The house is all boarded up now, and no one is sure what will happen to it, so go take a look while it’s still there.” – Nicoline Miller

8. Old Railway in Edinburgh

Image by Anson Clark

Exploring the outdoors was a big trend in 2020, as it is one of the few activities that comply with Covid19 safety measures. Plus, keeping active and doing sport is a great way to stay healthy! In Glasgow, you can spend hours hiking or cycling in nature, following old railway paths.

“A map has been produced by the Bike Station based on the design of the London Tube map. The Inner Tube shows the key routes which are cycle friendly and the stops along the way.” – Anson Clark

7. Soul Kitchen in Minsk

Image by Mike Charniatsou

The effort you need to put in to find this bakery is directly proportional to the rewarding handmade pastries you’ll taste here. Soul Kitchen is literally the living definition of a “hidden gem”! The signature desserts are the macarons, fluffy, and chewy inside with a crunchy crust. The owners are as sweet as their pastries as well – you’re guaranteed to feel at home here.

“My top picks are the pistachio choux pastry and salted caramel macarons. Despite the other exotic flavor combos, it’s something I just can’t help passing by.” – Mike Charniatsou

6. Love Lane in Dublin

Image by SC

How to give a makeover to the laneways of a city? The Council of Dublin has a solution: turning them into an open-air gallery that is a pleasure to watch and photograph. Love Lane is the nickname they gave to Crampton Court and it is now one of the brightest and best lanes in Dublin. There are many big artworks, and tiny nuances you need to pay attention to not to miss them.

“My favorite part of the lane is the wall dotted with tiles with quotes from movies, local sayings, and famous loving words written by the great playwrights and authors of the world.” – Sarah Corcoran

5. Patrick Farmers Market in Edinburgh

Image by Scott Walker

In the last few years, people have been craving quality produce on their tables more and more. Partick Farmers Market is the answer to those needs! It has actually been on the go since the 90s, displaying amazing fresh products from local Scottish farms and businesses. The market takes place twice per month, and it includes second-hand stalls as well, different every month.

“During the summer you can also listen to live traditional music, whilst you lay on the grass with a tasty snack taking it all in from the two pubs that sit on the square.” – Scott Walker

4. Levenshulme Secret Lake in Manchester

Image by Lauren Rochford

Every city, town, and region has one or more places that used to be popular in the past but were forgotten as time went by. In Manchester, this is the case of  Levenshulme Secret Lake, a beautiful spot of nature in the middle of an industrial estate. It was recently rediscovered through some Facebook groups and became a sort of community project where everyone helped clean it up.

“The lake is a beautiful and serene spot in the middle of Levenshulme, lovely to go to when you just need a bit of time out.” – Lauren Rochford

3. Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt

Image by Josefine Winkler

Originally considered dangerous and dirty, the Red Lights District is now an interesting place of contrasts. It strikes you with its liveliness and very unique atmosphere, impossible to find elsewhere.

“The “Bahnhofsviertelnacht”, the night of the Red Light District, is probably the best event. It takes place once a year and I really recommend you keep an eye out for next year’s date.” – Josefine Winkler

2. Sparkling Water Fountain in Paris

Image by Frédéric Moussaïan

Thinking about traveling to Paris in the summer? Well, the good news is, you won’t need to worry about the heat! Indeed, the Council of the City installed free drinking fountains all around the city, with an option to get sparkling water as well. The first Sparkling Water Fountain was installed in 2010 and right now there are about 10 all around the city.

“Since the best temperature to add CO2 is 7°C, the water supplied in these fountains is very cool, so it is really a great delight on a hot summer day!” – Frédéric Moussaïan

1. Coleman House in Seattle

Image by Nicoline Miller

First place couldn’t go to any less impressive building than that! The Coleman House belongs to author and psychiatrist Brian Coleman that dedicated his life to the designing and construction of this mansion. It’s an eye-popping building in a colorful and lavish Victorian style. Guaranteed, the more you watch it the more little details you’re going to find!

“The inside of the house is supposedly just as astounding, but not generally open to the public. It is still plenty rewarding to see it from the outside, and well worth the journey up hilly Queen Anne!” – Nicoline Miller

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