Unique Spots You’ll Find in Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lots & garages are boring? Think again! Different urban plannings, street art, repurposing… We are going to surprise you with a selection of car parks and customized garages spotted by our locals around the world!

Parking Garages With Amazing Views

No need to climb a hill… Locals know that some of the best city views are on top of parking garages! This Hospital parking lot in Ghent has one of the best 360 degree views in the world according to our local Bennie.

Of course locals are more than a little subjective, but it actually was awarded as the second coolest parking lot in the world, according to the World’s Coolest Car Park Competition 2018! The parking lot itself is also an architectural gem. Indeed, it was designed to give the Sint-Lucas Hospital a prominent spot on the city skyline.

Hospital Parking, Ghent (by Bennie De Meulemeester)

Another amazing city view can be experienced on top of the Santa Monica Parking Garage in Los Angeles.  Our local Kristina encourages you to take the stairs to the top and take a moment and a deep breath (you’ll need it after climbing those stairs) to enjoy the amazing view! Closeby in Los Angeles, our local Francesca also recommends the Grove Parking lot as the perfect spot to take some cool pictures of the view!

The Grove Parking Lot, Los Angeles (by Francesca Murray)

Street Art Exhibitions in Parking Garages

Chão do Loureiro Parking Silos, Lisbon (by Alexandre Cotovio)

In Lisbon, you can step inside a converted Parking Silos and enjoy some of the coolest graffiti art Portugal has to offer. Every floor is covered in graffiti and there are many local artists featured with many different styles. We also love this Parking Garage as it has given the building a new purpose giving it a new life. As with almost any parking, it is free for you to explore!

Bars & Restaurants in Garages

If you think that “best bars and restaurants” do not go together with “garages”, think twice! Indeed, our locals found some cool spots inside and on top of parking garages.

Toyose Korean food in a garage, San Francisco (by Marcus D’avignon)

Restaurant Toyose in San Francisco is the most successful use of a garage according to our local Marcus, with amazing Korean food.

Regueirão dos Anjos hidden garage, Lisbon (by Nuno Lopes de Paula)

In Lisbon our local Nuno spotted a hidden garage which is now a bar with live music. Regueirão dos Anjos is also a cooperative restaurant so be prepared to wash your own dishes after a meal! This is the perfect spot to grab a beer and enjoy some music with the locals. The garage is hidden, but just follow the music and you’ll find it!

PARK Bar, Lisbon (by Susana Soares)

Also on Lisbon, is PARK Bar. According to our local Susana, the experience starts at the bottom of the parking lot building, where you feel like you’re in the wrong place. Don’t worry, and just get the lift for the most authentic first-timer experience or get the stairs up to the 7th floor. The perfect spot to enjoy the incredible view with a burger and a drink!

Flea Markets & Shops in Garages

Flea market at Liljeholmstorget Galleria garage, Stockholm (by Liljeholmstorget Galleria)

During a handfull of Sundays each year, thousands of people in Stockholm gather at one of the less unattractive locations there is: a parking garage at Liljeholmstorget Galleria. The garage turns into a flea market for a few hours. And exhibitors sell out of the trunk of their cars!

Jet Rag $1 parking lot sale, Los Angeles (by Julian Sosa)

In Chicago you can do great vintage shopping at the Good Deal Garage. And in Los Angeles our local Julian recommends trying the Jet Rag $1 sale which takes place every Sunday at their parking lot. Crowds will get here early in the morning to study the piles of “burrito clothes”. About 10:45, the Jet Rag MC will give everyone the ground rules and then proceed to cut out the last cable tie from each big bag of clothes. Once the last one is open, the madness begins….

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