Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Prague: A Guide for the curious savvy traveller!

In partnership with Eurail/Interrail, we’re excited to offer you a rail itinerary to less-explored destinations and attractions, starting in the stunning city of Prague, Czech Republic. Our local spotters have handpicked a list of hidden gems that reveal the city’s authentic charm and rough edge. There’s no set order, so you can mix and match these destinations to design your own unforgettable trip!

As you arrive by train in Prague, your adventure can begin at Fantova Kavárna, a beautiful train station café with a vintage ambience. Grab a coffee and take Tram 23, a unique sightseeing adventure, that provides outstanding views of Prague’s spectacular landscapes and architectural wonders.

Take a detour to explore the city’s culinary secrets at Pražská Tržnice, a revitalised market that’s quickly becoming a local hotspot. Satisfy your sweet tooth with legendary Czech cookies from Pekařství M. Černý, as you continue to indulge in the local flavours.

For art enthusiasts, Špálova Galerie is a must-visit. This soulful gallery showcases thought-provoking works that are sure to leave an impression. If you’re seeking an authentic Czech experience, Lokál u Bílé Kuželky, a beloved local pub, is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the local culture and beer.

As night descends, dive into Prague’s vibrant underground scene at Ankali, affectionately known as “Little Berlin.” The order of your journey is up to you, so follow your curiosity and uncover Prague’s genuine and unconventional side. Happy travels!

The following morning, as you prepare to embark on your next travel day with Eurail/Interrail, set your sights on Munich, Germany. Board a train at Prague’s main station and let the rails carry you towards the bustling Bavarian capital. Experience new sights, sounds and flavours as you continue to weave your way through the European tapestry.

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Fantova Kavárna – Beautiful Train Station Cafe

Janina: “Discover a hidden gem,” invites you to experience Fantova Kavárna, a remarkable Art Nouveau cafe at Prague’s main train station. Since 2013, visitors can enjoy coffee amidst historical Czech city symbols adorning the ceilings, dating back to the 19th century. Choose between the vibrant Coffee Day or the captivating outdoor atmosphere, immersed in distant train sounds and a nostalgic ambience. Don’t miss this enchanting retreat before catching your train! Read the full article for more details.

Tram 23 – Sightseeing Tram

Josef says, “Tram 23 is a brilliant opportunity to see Prague’s important areas affordably.” This line takes you from Vinohrady to Prague Castle, passing iconic landmarks like Dancing House, National Theatre, and Charles Bridge. Enjoy the spectacular views on this classic T3 tram, which has served Prague for 50 years. Regular public transportation tickets cover Tram 23 rides, so you don’t pay extra. Read the full article to learn more about this delightful way to explore the city.

Pražská Tržnice – The New Local Hotspot

Eliška says, “A unique cocktail of colours and stories, Prague Market is transforming into a vibrant cultural hub like Neustadt, Camden Town, and Kreuzberg.” Her lively article explores the transformation of the once-abandoned complex into a thriving hotspot with outdoor bars, food trucks, live music, and contemporary art installations. Visit in the morning for fresh produce and delicious phở at Tràng An, or experience the hip nightlife after dark. Read the full article to immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of this emerging urban gem.

Galerie Václava Špály – Gallery with a Soul

Eliška says, “Galerie Václava Špály is a unique, character-filled space showcasing young local artists.” This vibrant article invites readers to explore the captivating three-level gallery, located in Prague. Eliška fondly recalls attending art lessons and enjoying the bird’s-eye view of the city from the upper level’s glass wall. Encouraging visitors to venture beyond the city’s well-known galleries, she highlights the importance of seeking out independent art spaces. Don’t miss the full article for an immersive experience of Galerie Václava Špály.

Legendary Czech Cookies: Pekařství M. Černý

Katarína says, “This unique bakery on Klapkova street, with just a few square metres, offers real homemade cookies made following typical Czech recipes, taking Czechs and Slovaks back to their sweet childhood.” Don’t miss out on their limited daily selection of cookies, including the number one Moravian cookie. Arrive early and enjoy traditional names and tastes. The bakery is open on weekdays and offers a range of homemade pastries, bread, organic juices, honey, and healthy products. Read the full article for more details.

Lokál u Bílé Kuželky – Locals like lokál pub

Michal: “Discover the secret cellar and taste the best beer in Prague, drawn by experts!” Dive into this hidden gem near Charles Bridge, frequented by locals but overlooked by travel guides. Savour Pilsner Urquell with unique foam-tasting experiences like “shnet” (šnyt) and “mleekoh” (mlíko). Despite its busy atmosphere, find a quieter spot by descending the stairs to the cellar. Read the full article to learn more about this lively pub and its expertly-drawn beer.

Ankali – Little Berlin in Prague

Ivana: “Ankali is a great addition to the local club scene.” Discover Prague’s hidden gem, Ankali, a techno music club tucked away in a former factory. Its unique underground vibe and lively atmosphere offer techno, drum ‘n’ bass, and electro beats every Friday and Saturday night. Despite its ramshackle appearance, Ankali is quickly gaining popularity and has the potential to become a must-visit spot in the city. Read the full article to learn more about this intriguing venue and why it’s been dubbed “Little Berlin” in Prague.

In collaboration with Eurail/Interrail, we’re offering a 50% discount on our Prague city guide this June and July. Explore Prague at half the cost, doubling the adventure. Grab your guide today!


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