10 of the Nicest Urban Botanical Gardens Worldwide

The Huntington in Los Angeles (by Beth Coller)

We love cities! But nature is just as important. If you are looking for a green escape during your stay, a botanical garden is always a good idea. Not only are they a great escape from the busy city, but they also offer a good learning experience, as local fauna and flora often have a great impact on the local culture! We have selected our 10 favorite urban botanical gardens out of the many our locals spotted…

Amsterdam – Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus greenhouse (by Douglas Sanchez)

Hortus Botanicus is in the east of Amsterdam. The botanical garden offers multiple different greenhouses to explore, including a butterfly greenhouse! They also grow coffee and cocoa on-site and educate people on the culture surrounding both products. The crown jewel of Hortus Botanicus is their assortment of medical plants that are actually used every day!

Athens – Diomidous Botanical Garden

Diomidous Botanical Garden (by Giorgos Xygos)

The Botanical Garden of Diomidous is the largest botanical garden of the eastern Mediterranean. It’s situated a little outside the city of Athens.  In its area of 470 acres, trees and bushes can be found from all over the world, as well as plants mentioned in Greek mythology and history, like the myrtle of Aphrodite and Socrates’ hemlock. a large part of the garden’s activities is dedicated to ecological awareness! You will find information throughout the whole garden and they organize educational events too.

Berlin – Café in der Gartenakademie

Café in der Gartenakademie (by Botanical Garden Berlin)

If the idea of just wandering around a garden does not seem appealing to you, maybe this botanical garden café can win you over? The Café in the Gartenakademie is located in a huge greenhouse in the botanical garden of Berlin. You can take a coffee or have a snack while sitting under exotic plants and feeling like you’re in the jungle! To top it all off, every week they have a piano player come and play some sublime tunes while you enjoy your time.

London – Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens pond with water lilies (by Kew Gardens)

A UNESCO world heritage site, the famous Royal Botanic Kew Gardens in South-west London are a living library of as many exotic plants, trees, and flowers as you can possibly imagine. They are actually the largest botanical gardens in the world! Stroll across the skies from the treetop walkaway, or stop by the tranquil Japanese Gardens, to name just a few of the unique corners of the gardens. They are amazing all year round, but if you happen to be visiting around the holidays, make sure to visit as their winter special is extra amazing!

Los Angeles – The Huntington

The Huntington at night (by The Huntington)

There’s plenty to do at the Huntington Botanical Gardens! With 12 gardens to enjoy you’ll surely find a favorite location to relax in. The Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, and Jungle Garden are just a few. They even have a garden specially made for kids! Check out their calendar to check out any upcoming events like concerts or tea time.

Mexico City – Jardín Botánico UNAM

Jardín Botánico UNAM (by Jardín Botánico UNAM)

Most of this garden is dedicated to flora that can be found all around Mexico. You can head to the Mexican jungle, forest and dessert all within the city. The most fun part about UNAM’s botanical garden is that they have an adoption center! For a very small price, you can adopt an endangered plant. How cool would that be as a souvenir?

Moscow – Aptekarsky ogorod

Aptekarsky ogorod palms (by Moscow 24)

The last Tsar of the Tsardom of Russia established this garden in 1706. The interior of this small garden constantly changes. Every two or three weeks, a new exhibition of season flowers starts in Aptekarsky Ogorod. In the evenings, the garden transforms into an open-air concert hall. You can listen to musical stars from Russia and other countries who present the whole spectrum of music styles: folk music or classics, jazz or pop… They also have a sensory garden where special attention is paid to blind and visually impaired people however, it’s fun for all visitors.

Oslo – National Botanical Garden

Botanical garden in Oslo Norway in summer (By Jon Arne Foss)

Established in 1814 and administrated by the University of Oslo, Oslo’s botanical garden is Norway’s oldest botanical garden, exhibiting more than 5500 different plants from all around the world. the site is dived into multiple different themed gardens and greenhouses. There is a herb garden, a Viking garden, and a meadow garden, to just name a few. It’s a magical place for young and old alike.

Warsaw – Library Botanical Garden

The rooftop of the Warsaw Botanical Garden (by Warsawtour)

This garden is dived into two departments. The coolest part is the one on the rooftop. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie! The Library Garden is placed on top of the university library and is covered in solar panels, which give it its futuristic look. If you prefer to be closer to the ground you can check the Powsin Botanical Garden. Here you can stroll through the flower field or have a nice picnic.

Yerevan – Soviet-era greenhouse

Botanical garden of Yerevan (by wallpaperflare)

What makes the botanical garden of Yerevan so special is its design! Even though it has been severely neglected it remains fairly impressive. The trees growing out of it even add’s to the charm. It was built in a typical soviet architectural style. The greenhouse is located right out of the city and holds a collection of around 200 species of endemic, rare, and declining plants. Pro tip: if you come across plants with a price tag, that means you can buy them straight from the greenhouse and take it home with you!

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