Meeting our Spotters in Bratislava & Vienna

Picnic lunch at Mestska Trznica Bratislava

On Friday we visited Spotted by Locals spots in 3 countries. We had coffee in Budapest, lunch and drinks with Spotters in Bratislava and dinner in Vienna! They say traveling by train is “slow travel”, but visiting 3 countries definitely would not have been possible traveling by airplane!

It was our 4th visit to Bratislava, and the city looks more confident than ever! The progressive young mayor (also an urban activist and musician) has led the way in creating nice urban interventions and organizing events for everybody. We loved the “Bratislava red”picnic tables where we had a picnic.

Vycap u Ernoho Bratislava craft beer brewery

Meeting the Bratislava team!

Unfortunately most of our Vienna Spotters were out of town this weekend. But we had a very nice time meeting our long-time Spotters David and Julia, who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in quite a few places over the world before!

In Vienna we had a bit more time to enjoy the sunshine that seems to be following us everywhere we go on our Interrail trip… Julia, who is always in the know about the latest events, took us to a free pop-up concert by Amanda Palmer. It was magic!

Meeting the Vienna Spotters at Café Menta

Amanda Palmer in Vienna

This trip was made possible by 🚆 Interrail – the pass that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe

And 🛌 – the place to book hostels. We stayed at in Vienna’s Wombat Hostel

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