Interview with Viktor Prochazka (Prague Spotter)

Viktor Prochazka Prague

Today we have an interview with Viktor Prochazka, Spotter for our Prague Cityblog

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
That’s always a difficult question to answer. I’m an ordinary guy trying to make a living with passion for brands. I work in marketing, from time to time I run my own projects and my biggest passion of all is my beautiful family.

I love Scheveningen where I grew up, cats and kungfu. I enjoy people I can learn from, people who are experts in some field so I can ask them a gazillion questions that I want to know answers to. Oh and I love good food :) yum yum. Unfortunately I am inclined to wheigh a ton at any given time so I have to watch out what I eat and drink – not so much fun.

How do you like being a Spotter?
I love it. It’s really nice being part of a community like this. I remember when we first talked about it I totally loved the idea and I am glad I am a Spotter. The best part for me is that it makes me overcome my inherent laziness go out and explore places around me. Even though I admit I could be a lot more active Spotter. :) When you hear from someone or read that they enjoyed a spot I wrote about – that’s always a pleasent cherry on top.

Why Prague? What is a must do when you visiting Prague? What not?
Prague is one of the most exhausting cities due to it’s historical richness. You can have endless walks around it and always find new things at spots you visited twenty times. It’s breath-taking and infinite. For many it’s confusing because it’s chaotic and you really can’t master the city in terms of knowing it.

If you’re in Prague what is a must?
Now this is a really hard one. I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you one spot I would visit if I could pick only one – it would definitely be Charle’s bridge. I would just wait untill around 3 am to avoid as many tourist and creeps as possible.

And avoid cabs…

What do you know about Prague what no tourist will know?
For some it might be known fact, but not that much spoken of. Prague was historically one of the estoteric and mystical centers of Europe. Still many people interested in these fields come to Prague to gather and follow up on legends, secrets and mysteries. Jewish mysticism has also a strong link to Prague. I would definitely recommend doing some research on this before coming to Prague. It might give a different, deeper view on some sightseeing. For those who like reading, author Sergei Lukjanenko used Prague as a partial setting for his third book Grey Watch – and I think some aspects of Prague are nicely reflexed within the story.

Can you describe a perfect day in your city? Which spots would you visit?
For me personally it’s around the Malvazinky area. I absolutely fell in love with the area around there and for any pub, bar or other conviniences it’s about a 15 minute walk to the Andel area. You have parks, beautiful architecture, cemetary as well as drinking and shopping around Andel (see this article). Good for relaxing, sports and socialising. A perfect day would definitely include a nice picknick package and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

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