My internship at Spotted by Locals


I am sitting in front of my computer at the very last day of my 3-month internship as a Social media intern with Spotted by Locals. Wow, what a journey, it has been! Feeling a bit emotional, I decided to sum up in a few words what it feels like to be part of this great company.

As a tourism management student, I was searching for ways to learn some real skills, to increase my employability. After going through the process of never ending internship applications, I was lucky to be selected for this internship. At the very beginning, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my professional life. I guess every student is sometimes confronted with the same question: What are you going to do after? As one of my friend once said: “there is no other way to find out, you just throw yourself out there and try!”

That’s how it all started in December 2015. Since then, I have gotten the impression that I have grown in a millions ways. I now understand what I love to do and also what I don’t like. If you’re a bit naive like me, and think you know how to handle social media because you are an active user yourself, I need to warn you that you might be wrong.

My journey with spotted by locals

Thanks to Spotted by Locals, I got a solid basis for the social media professional use that I am planning to expand. Actually, I am really grateful for this opportunity because it lead me to another internship that I have always dreamt about. So if you are scared or lost, don’t worry, just try it out and it will always work out in the end. And if it is not going to work out, then it is not the end =).

Since I am bit of a nomad, changing countries every 5 months, I really enjoyed working online, where the only tools you really need is your computer and Wi-Fi. Therefore in last 3 months, I have been working from Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium and Western Sahara (at least I tried to). In one word, there is no such thing as physical barriers in this internship.

Last but not least, you can not learn when you don’t have a mentor, a person that will guide your learning process. I would love to express my gratitude to Laura and Bart. You have been a great help to me and inspiration for my further professional life.

Before I get too emotional, I need to admit that my biggest motivation to work with Spotted by Locals lies in my belief in the idea of the travel-like-a-local concept. I truly believe that in order to achieve sustainability in the tourism industry this is the right path to go down. What’s more, it is so much more fun to know where the best local places are in the city.  Suddenly all my travel experiences have gotten more meaningful =). So, I really recommend the concept to everyone who wants to experience a different way of travelling.

Travel locally, think globally and have fun!

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