Our Europe trip – City 6: Warsaw!

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We’ve been on the road (or rather: on the rails) to meet our Spotters in 26 cities for 17 days now, and have just left our 6th city on this trip: Warsaw! It’s been the 4th time we visited Warsaw since we launched the blog in 2011. We just love this vibrant city, and once again had a great experience.

Some pictures and stories:

Zushi Sushi Warsaw

Zushi Sushi Warsaw

Not many people know Warsaw is renowned for its great sushi. We’ve tried it many times, and you should too when visit the city… Zushi Sushi is, according to our Spotter Kasia – who’s been in Japan many times – one of the best in the city.

2015-04-20 23.43.02

Warsaw – “No filter”

Warsaw is not known for its beauty, but if you make an effort to look up and study buildings up close there’s so much great architecture. From old, to communist era, to very modern…

2015-04-22 18.27.16

Cool communist era (we think) architecture

2015-04-21 16.51.15

Beautiful facades on many buildings

2015-04-21 23.14.51

Nitzan & Stefan

We were very unlucky 6 out of our 7 Spotters were out of town when we visited, but we had a great time with Nitzan.

2015-04-21 23.30.13

Stefan, Nitzan, Bart

And our ex-Spotter Stefan also popped in for a drink & bite, and walked us back to the hotel. A lovely night at a cool place we hope Nitzan will write about soon!

2015-04-22 16.26.36

Modern art museum Warsaw

2015-04-22 22.19.48

Pawilony Warsaw

We could have spent many hours in the very nice (and free) Modern Art Museum Warsaw watching the excellent film installations, but were too restless. And the weather was too nice!

Of course, we also visited quite a few of the many great bars Warsaw has. It’s always nice to pick one of the many little bars in the hidden courtyard in “old” center of Warsaw: Pawilony.

Next stop on our 22 city Interrail trip: Prague!

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